Post your Retro Setup in Here


A couple using all 3 screens at once!


So lazy. No wonder he’s fat.


It’s refreshing to see a basement that isn’t so dark. One day I hope to get there but I need to replace the fluorescent lighting with LEDs.


I originally wanted to paint or drywall over the wood, but it adds some life and richness to the space which I really appreciate it. When it’s movie time though we get it pitch black in there :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed you RGB.
Finally back after the move, and still living in a minecraft-like flat… Boxes, BOXES everywhere. -_-
My studio/gameroom got the short stick, this time, as it’s smaller than the previous one and I had to merge my two favourite media (books and videogames) in one space, instead of two dedicated rooms as I used to do in the past.
Bizarrely, I’m also having alot of fun trying and reorganize my collection - 25 boxes for that alone, lol - in such a compact volume. Pics soon, hopefully! :smile:


updated setup, now featuring Super NT and Mini NT. Limited space where I am now, so it’s the best I can do.

Yeah, the centre speaker isn’t centre. Not worth risking the CRT!!! The mission ones are fully shielded though. I’ve got two more Mission speakers at the back on either side of the sofa as the back surround speakers.

That’s just a stock JP N64, not my RGB modded one - when I get my ultraHDMI board in a few weeks I’ll be installing it into that. And yes, that’s just the flash on the CRT, it’s not really washed out!!

The MVS is one I consolized - 5v input, RGB SCART output.


Not enough n64s rich. Why only three?


Rich, what’s the SNES adapter in the cubby to the left of the NT mini? Looks to me like an SNES to Famicom expansion port adapter.


SNES to Neogeo controller adapter! Works really well and was only a tenner on ebay



Ha, one is my original RGB modded one, the other is the JP one I got that was cracked in transit (and got a refund on) and the other one is a PAL one I got and swapped the casing with. I’ll sell the extra two when I’ve installed the UltraHDMI in the decent one!