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It's official. WE ARE A CHARITY! (And other updates) (17)

Hi all, As many of you know, we have recently been approved by the IRS as a legally recognized 501( c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization!!! It’s been a long time coming but we finally made it. With this update, a…

The Future of Retro Game Boards: Official Charity Announcement Thread ( 2 ) (33)

Hi all, As we have hinted several times, the staff and I have been working behind the scenes to make Retro Game Boards as cool as possible. And today, we are excited to share everything with all of you. In this pos…

Donors will now be recognized with little RGB flair on their Avatars. (15)

Hi all, This is just a mini-update that I thought deserved its own thread. All donors to the Patreon Campaign (thank you everyone!) will now be rocking our logo as a piece of flair on their avatar. Yep… If you’re t…

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