Audio interview with the English translator of Armored Core 2

Yesterday a channel named “We Review Every PS2 Game Oh God” released a review of Armored Core 2, and alongside it, an hour and half-long interview with Jeremy Kaufmann, a production assistant"at Agetec who wrote the English translation of the game. Agetec was a NA publisher that published a lot of niche Japanese games in the west during the PS1 and PS2 era, most notably every Armored Core game released on the PS2.


Even if you don’t care about Armored Core, the interview talks about a lot of other topics including From Soft’s other PS2 launch titles (Eternal Ring, Evergrace, etc), what it was like to work during the PS2 launch, having to deal with a Japanese developer that didn’t really care about the quality of english localization, etc. As a huge fan of the series, I got a kick out of it!