FS: Entire videogame collection

Hey all. My buddy’s getting divorced, and asked me to sell his video game collection. I’m hoping to avoid ebay fees, so I am posting it up here. Please contact me if you are interested in anything!

Location is northern virginia, USA. I will ship priority mail or meet up in the nova area.

Can we assume location is USA?

Sorry that your friend has to do this. Well done for helping them.

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ah sorry about that, updated!

Welp, can’t miss out on a local situation. Time to give it a look.

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did you find anything you were interested in?

Just went though it a second time to make sure, but sorry, I did not. :c

Only thing I found is my regret on not getting on top of boxed snes games where instead I put it off for so long that pricing is just way higher than I’m willing to pay.

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