Game Development Thread - Share your projects!

Thanks! I think my GIFs broke when they got cached, they’re pretty big. :confused:

That’s odd. They were working a moment ago.

@Tain Horizon Vanguard looks dope. Huge props!

Hope you don’t mind me sharing this, even though it’s all still mockups and concept art. It’s a project I’m calling PaperBlade, at the moment, and it’s the foundation work/idea for a 2D side-scrolling hack’n slash, inspired by SEGA and Treasure action classics:

Here’s a bigger (fake) screenshot:

This is Kunoichi, the female protagonist of the game:

And a placeholder logo to finish up:



@Galdelico Looks nice! The paper cutout style is neat. Are you going for a condensed arcade structure or something more console-y?

@Peltz I edited my post and replaced the IMG tags with short giphy links and it looks like the forum just embedded them on its own. All good for now. Edit again: boo, nope, they broke again

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Thanks. ^_-
It’s all stuff I’ve got in my mind (and in a lenghty series of Google docs), but I’d like for it to play like a proper fast paced arcade game - say, not a consolevania - so pretty much linear and combat oriented.
That ‘insert coin’ animation is something silly I’ve done a while ago for my Twitter. :smiley:

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I wish I had money for a new PC (and VR). Horizon Vanguard looks awesome but I can’t even run the demo currently. And I’m definitely interested Paperblade. We need more Treasure/Sega inspired stuff.

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OP, is there any hope for a PSVR version of horizon vanguard? Would the move controllers even be adequate for its gameplay?

I think it’d be pretty playable from what I’ve tried of Move in PSVR and the game also supports headset-only play, but I’d have to bug Sony about getting dev access and that’s something I haven’t looked into yet.

I’d love to do it though.

You’d be giving me a reason to dust off my headset for the first time in months if you did. VR needs more arcade style games

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Not sure if this is off topic from the potentially already off topic thread…

Does anyone know anything about coding for the ZX Spectrum? I’ve got some asm that z80asm in Debian seems happy with, now I need to create a tap file with the binary data… I’ve found a couple of utilities that say they do it for you, but I’d like to avoid magic and figure out how it works.

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I see the gifs in the OP are broken again. What size are they? I just discovered how to increase our size limit.

What do you think would be an appropriate size (in kb’s) for gifs going forward?

Some of the ones that got linked on the old forum were awfully big (like 30+ MB). These that I’ve posted are around 5-8MB each.

I’m not sure of the hosting situation so I couldn’t really say, but I’ve never minded people posting large GIFs. If there’s a way we could embed more modern formats like webm/mp4/etc that’d be great too.

Just finished that game jam. My first time trying one of those, and my first time using Pico-8. It’s been a really fun exercise! I made a top-down action game starring an extremely slippery car, playable here:


Looks fantastic, and it reminds me of the ‘3D’ stages in Zyrinx’ Red Zone (Mega Drive). Huge thumbs up.

Neat stuff. I might take me a while to get used to the controls but they seem challenging but fair.

I’ve been working on translating an ancient Spanish game for an old 8bit computer. It’s a first to me, I have no programming background. So far I’m doing good on the code alteration, but modifying graphics is just too big of a hurdle for me.

I’ve been bothering @BTails already but he’s been busy. If anyone have some pixel talent to modify a single sprite, they would be very welcome.

Here’s the thing:


See the small “Dia” in the bottom left? I need to have it changed to “Day”. And while I can cut and paste the “a”, drawing the “y” is outside of my skill. I’d probably have to resize / redraw the two other letters anyway.

Here’s a close up:


I’d be super grateful if anyone could have a go at it.

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How are you all getting on with your games?

@Tain @Galdelico @khaz

Since corona hit I’ve been tinkering with Pico-8. Done a few game jams but slowly chipping away at a larger project to remake an old Mac game I used to play. It’s a basic turn based RPG using D&D rules where you need to survive 10 waves. The difficulty spikes half way through and the sounds aren’t implemented but it’s feature complete now and I’m fairly happy with it.

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Nicely done! I’m going to have to check out he original now.

The screenshot of the game on Macintosh Garden is basically what it looks like with extra shop windows that open up when you click any of the buttons.
The original is nothing special. It was just some random shareware game I found on a magazine CD back in the 90s and played a bunch.

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