GB/GBC/GBA OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


Man, I never did my Action Replay disc to work in my GameCube. Works fine in my Wii, but the GCN won’t read it. It reads other games and the GBP disc just fine, though… Grrrr


That’s odd?


DOL-001 or 101?


F1 pics with a Game Boy camera? Why not, lol


For anyone that collects GB/GBC loose carts, Really Useful Box do a 0.7 Litre box (cost around £6 each)
They hold 20 GB cartridges almost perfectly & 18/20 GBC carts.


I’ve been trying to find something similar for loose GBA. Most of my GB stuff has the old plastic boxes.


Got a friend at a game store hook me up with a Mario promo box that was used for…something. If anyone knows let me know. So I coupled it with a LV box that I found kicking around the parent’s place to house my GB and GBA carts.


LV should make gaming cases. That would be cool.


I’ve been using a couple of these for storage. The only thing I don’t like is the price…


Man, Designer gaming cases would be pretty sweet. Or at least some kind of luxury range of cases for Switch, 3DS, PSP/Vita or DS that don’t either look it’s been designed for kids or the Hell’s Angels.



I’m going to have to give these a listen