GBS 82XX - Upscale, deinterlace and now downsample

That’s my goal!

My ESP arrived but it may be faulty, as it’s not recognised in Windows or macOS. FFS

So close!

In the comments to a video about this, the YouTuber said they’re working on a solderless solution that will be open source. I guess that means some sort of clip on PCB and simple clip on wiring loom?

Worth keeping an eye on. (comments)

That’s interesting, I wonder how they’ll pull that off

My replacement ESP arrived and still nothing when connecting to PC. Meanwhile I ordered some Dupont cables to make the install as tidy as possible.

I had previously made sure to use a micro USB cable that does data as well as charging, by checking the cable using my Sony Reader (like a Kindle) which shows a dialog when data USB is connected and charging symbol when power only cable is used.

But, still nothing from either ESP.

So I hunted out another micro usb cable. The most heavy duty I could find. And it now works.

What is the difference between these data-capable micro USB cables I have?

Anyway, almost there with the build!

Cool that you got it working. It seems I got lucky as I just used the one that came with my old Sony phone

So bizarre.

I will complete the build tonight.

And I’ll try to get a custom GBS-Control with my Web-UI working this weekend.

Nice! Also excited about your better designed UI

So it works! Seems a capable little thing.

Need to figure out the best settings for my setup.

With GC it kept reverting to 1280x960 rather than 720x480 which I’ve selected.

And some infrequent white pixels in Wii output.

What’s a compatible power adapter for this?

I had a USB to barrel connector in my spares box. Lucky it is the correct polarity and fit.

Quick Google shows this page with the one I have

Aww yeah, looking good.

With regards to the white speckle the board picks up noise really easily from certain PSUs. I had the white speckling and tried another power supply and it went away. If that doesn’t work then doing the various cap mods might help:

It’s really very minor so l’ll wait to see what it is like once things are more final in my setup.

The GC preset resetting is my biggest problem.

@Vespa did you wire in SCART? I don’t really use it any more but I figure i might want to be complete and wire it in. Especially if the 3D printed case I order has a slot for it (some do).

I plan to but just been using a SyncStrike until I make a case for it. I think rama has been looking at another board, one that replaces the current esp board so this isn’t even its final form

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Got a local guy willing to print a case for me for £20 which seems reasonable.

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Trying to justify getting rid of my Extron, which has better (hardware) user interface and higher output resolutions, but also a little extra lag, no 240p, and higher power consumption.

I posted this in the GBS shmups thread.

Often I have PC on VGA while gaming on Component and switch between the two.

Can I choose which input to display? Component or VGA?
Ideally I’d also like a preset for each that is auto-selected.

Finally, is it possible to unify the output settings?
Output from Component and VGA require different sync settings on my monitor.

I’m coming from an Extron which has front buttons to switch inputs, per-input settings, and one unified output setting so I never have to change my monitor settings. I’d like to replace it because it uses more power, a little more lag, and can’t do 240p, though it does support higher output resolutions.

To save cross-posting

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This is probably the ‘no-solder mod’ solution for the GBS, not sure if anyone is selling these yet

D1 plugged in:

It should mean you just need this board, a D1 and GBS 82XX and be generally good to go.

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