GBS 82XX - Upscale, deinterlace and now downsample

I plan to but just been using a SyncStrike until I make a case for it. I think rama has been looking at another board, one that replaces the current esp board so this isn’t even its final form

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Got a local guy willing to print a case for me for £20 which seems reasonable.

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Trying to justify getting rid of my Extron, which has better (hardware) user interface and higher output resolutions, but also a little extra lag, no 240p, and higher power consumption.

I posted this in the GBS shmups thread.

Often I have PC on VGA while gaming on Component and switch between the two.

Can I choose which input to display? Component or VGA?
Ideally I’d also like a preset for each that is auto-selected.

Finally, is it possible to unify the output settings?
Output from Component and VGA require different sync settings on my monitor.

I’m coming from an Extron which has front buttons to switch inputs, per-input settings, and one unified output setting so I never have to change my monitor settings. I’d like to replace it because it uses more power, a little more lag, and can’t do 240p, though it does support higher output resolutions.

To save cross-posting

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This is probably the ‘no-solder mod’ solution for the GBS, not sure if anyone is selling these yet

D1 plugged in:

It should mean you just need this board, a D1 and GBS 82XX and be generally good to go.

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From the comments:


Veryy OSSCy

Very cool that people will be able to buy it fully made or easy DIY kits.


Hopefully not OSSC prices!


I am curious to how much it will cost. Hopefully it remains relatively cheap.

Is this something that would allow me to take a lot of retro-inspired games on Steam and scale them down to a CRT?


Yeah, as long as they support ‘480p’ it will spit out 240p in RGBHV or Component (Component output is listed as experimental but seems to be fine)


Yep, if the game will do 640 x 480 you should be good.

This is going to be great! I have a Corio but it’s kind of a pain… and I love new thinks to mess around with. Probably have to wait for that fully assembled version but I’ll be grabbing one.

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Someone in Canada is selling pre-built GBS scalers. (doesn’t have the clock mod, unfortunately)



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I’m about to fit the clock generator to mine. I’m getting some horizontal tearing on PS2 480p and whilst I’m not sure it’s the game I figure I’ll fit it anyway.

Anybody else done so?

How hard is this to use for downscaling? At that price I may actually bite if it’s fairly plug-and-play.

Also, what are you guys using to convert from HDMI to this for downscaling?

Yeah, I’ve done the clock gen mod, I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any tearing at 480p before adding it though. Fingers crossed it solves the tearing!

@Peltz - It’s just a case of toggling the option in the Web GUI.

Since you need RGBS (or Ypbpr) to downscale a normal HDMI to VGA won’t work, so I’ve been using component where I can. Should be good to go with an HDMI to Component transcoder. If you have an Extron RGB unit then you could also use that instead with any HDMI to VGA converter:

HDMI to VGA (RGBHV) > Extron for RGBS > GBScaler

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Thanks. Man I just wish we had an all in one device that takes HDMI and outputs analogue downscaled.

I know it’s a simple conversion, but I have to imagine there is a market for such a device right?

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I think the OSSC Pro might fill that void, I know it’s going to simplify my chain by removing a lot of the devices for sure including the GBS.

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