GBS 82XX - Upscale, deinterlace and now downsample

Hopefully not OSSC prices!


I am curious to how much it will cost. Hopefully it remains relatively cheap.

Is this something that would allow me to take a lot of retro-inspired games on Steam and scale them down to a CRT?


Yeah, as long as they support ‘480p’ it will spit out 240p in RGBHV or Component (Component output is listed as experimental but seems to be fine)


Yep, if the game will do 640 x 480 you should be good.

This is going to be great! I have a Corio but it’s kind of a pain… and I love new thinks to mess around with. Probably have to wait for that fully assembled version but I’ll be grabbing one.

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Someone in Canada is selling pre-built GBS scalers. (doesn’t have the clock mod, unfortunately)



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I’m about to fit the clock generator to mine. I’m getting some horizontal tearing on PS2 480p and whilst I’m not sure it’s the game I figure I’ll fit it anyway.

Anybody else done so?

How hard is this to use for downscaling? At that price I may actually bite if it’s fairly plug-and-play.

Also, what are you guys using to convert from HDMI to this for downscaling?

Yeah, I’ve done the clock gen mod, I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any tearing at 480p before adding it though. Fingers crossed it solves the tearing!

@Peltz - It’s just a case of toggling the option in the Web GUI.

Since you need RGBS (or Ypbpr) to downscale a normal HDMI to VGA won’t work, so I’ve been using component where I can. Should be good to go with an HDMI to Component transcoder. If you have an Extron RGB unit then you could also use that instead with any HDMI to VGA converter:

HDMI to VGA (RGBHV) > Extron for RGBS > GBScaler

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Thanks. Man I just wish we had an all in one device that takes HDMI and outputs analogue downscaled.

I know it’s a simple conversion, but I have to imagine there is a market for such a device right?

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I think the OSSC Pro might fill that void, I know it’s going to simplify my chain by removing a lot of the devices for sure including the GBS.

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Yeah, is the OSSC pro does good downscaling I’ll jump on it for sure. If the upscaling is good enough I may even buy 2 and trade one out for my Framemeister.

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All things point to it being a beast of a machine. Marqs has been great at implementing community suggestions too so I can see it perfecting things like downscaling if not immediately but eventually. I think I’m more excited for the OSSC Pro then next-gen hardware.

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What’s the ETA on it?

iirc it was pencilled in for late 2020 but I get the feeling it won’t make it.

Someone asked Marqs a few weeks ago on an ETA:

A second prototype board should be finished soon. Estimates on release date etc. will have to wait until that’s on my hands and verified. It’s also worth remembering that even if the prototype HW works flawlessly and is ready for production, firmware is still far from the point which I feel comfortable releasing it with.

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Thanks. I’ve never messed with any upscalers or similar external hardware. Just RGB -> CRT for me. But I’m going to remodel my living room eventually and wouldn’t mind having the option of taking a console from my basement CRT setup into the living room for limited times. A single input with an upscaler where I could swap a console in and out (or not use it all when I don’t feel like it) would be nice. Have considered a Framemeister before but feel an OSSC or RetroTink would be the best option at this point.

If a new OSSC is coming out, that’s worth watching for me.


I’m in no rush, which is good since I’d wait a bit after it comes out to see about a second revision anyway. I always get in too early on these things.

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I just really wish that 4K up scaling was coming sooner. Going to have to wait quite a bit longer for that though.

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Looks like the guy selling these pre-built boards will be adding the clock gen mod. Price bump up to $74.99

EDIT: Good article on the downscale feature: