GBS 82XX - Upscale, deinterlace and now downsample

Does your SCART to RGBS adapter have any sync cleaning on it? What’s on the other end, BNC connectors? There are a few adapters on eBay (not sure if they ship to Australia) that will take SCART and output RGBS over VGA/DE-15 or the header pins into the GBS.

If you’re going the build your own route you need to wire up a SCART socket to the pins behind the VGA socket and also have a 100ohm resistor between ground and sync, this is for sync levels generally output from consoles (75ohm) vs TTL level sync from say a PC outputting VGA.

What’s your 480p SCART source? PS2 480p Sync on Green? if so you will need a sync cleaner (*wired for SoG I think) as I believe it doesn’t directly work with SoG, generally a sync cleaner is recommended as the GBS prefers C-Sync vs Luma/Composite video sync (might get dropouts with the latter two). If your 480p SCART source is say a Dreamcast then it depends if it’s outputting TTL sync or 75ohm, if it’s TTL then you need to disable the 100ohm resistor, easy enough to do if you wire up a switch.

If you plan to downscale RGB 480p it’s worth noting that it can’t downscale RGBHV and requires RGBS. I recommend Tim Worthingtons VGA TO SCART (75ohm, safe for OSSC, etc) adapter.

Unrelated but there’s now an all-in-one solution being sold on Aliexpress, not sure how good they are but they have the SCART socket already wired up although it looks like the clock gen isn’t installed weirdly but comes as an optional kit.


Very interesting!


Thanks so much for this.

After a good read I decided to wind back my use case for the scaler. Originally I only wanted to put it together for PS2 - I deliberately kept the cost down because I’m also looking into getting a MisTer. So really the GBSC will really only be used for its fast motion adaptive deinterlacing and my understanding is that I should have no issues with component video out from my PS2.

I wouldn’t mind DC as well but maybe I’ll just wait for those component cables to finally be sold.

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Using component is so much easier!


A new redesigned GBS all-in-one is out on aliexpress, has built-in HDMI out and SCART in. Looks like it has all the mods needed too. Tempted to pick this up for the dual output.

Switch for RGsB too, perfect for PS2 480p over SCART

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Looks like an easy sell. Has it been confirmed to not have any new quirks/surprises?

Not yet. It would be nice if rama got the chance to look at it and give it a quick inspection

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Naturally just as all of my parts arrive. Oh well I bought it as a fun project.