Goodboy Galaxy - a Kickstarter for a new GBA game with a demo available

I downloaded the demo and checked it out on GB Player for 5 mins before hopping into a call. It’s also available via browser.

Gameplay feels very nice. Artwork is super charming and well animated. Looks well tailored to a backlit GBA (won’t be using my front lit GBA SP for this one).

Hard to really understand the gameplay loop right now though. Kind of like Cave Story? I need to play it a bit more. But I love the fact that there is dialogue and nice NPC designs.

I may actually back this one for a physical cart.


Neat! I’ll look into this one. I’m not following the GBA scene, but it doesn’t seem to be very active? Is it the first new unlicensed cartridge release? (Not counting repros and translations)

Looks cool, gonna fire up the demo on my GBA now.

This seems familiar to me.

The colors, animation, and some of the level design reminds me of Drill Dozer. Still, nice to see the GBA get some new games.

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Game is really fun. Metroidvania with some fun platforming

Just played through to the first boss. It’s pretty insane.

I love the heavy puzzle elements to it. Very unique, polished game. On my PVM it looks almost like a current gen title. Like how I’d picture hollow knight to look with scanlines.

I think this is an easy purchase for me.

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I’m following the developer :man_facepalming:


Just beat the demo. Looks like I missed some stuff.

Yo, the music on this screen is killer. I’m rocking out in my headphones right now and just keeping it on this screen.

I think each level is going to be a separate mini metroidvania if I had to guess. I don’t think this is going to be one large interconnected world. Definitely recommend the demo highly. If they can deliver on a full game of this quality it’s going to be an instant classic.


This looks really nice, thanks for the heads up

Preorder closes on Sunday. I would back it, but I’m trying to cut back on gaming purchases since I have way too many games that I haven’t even played.

~$73 shipped for the GBA cart is a bit steep too IMO, but not like there are new GBA games anymore.

I’ll probably just opt to buy the rom from them and put it on a flashcart. It would be one thing if this were a proven studio, but, as good as the demo is, I’m reluctant to shell out that much money as a preorder for a project with no target date.