Guess the game - Screen shot quiz


OK, back with another that I think it very easy but that’s because I know what platform it’s on.

It’s a game I’ll be showing on my next gaming pick ups video.


AIrforce Delta!


Congratulations, that’s right. AIRFORCE DELTA for the Dreamcast.


sorry for the late reply!


I don’t know the game, but I can tell it’s early CD stuff with those awesome FMV graphics.


I saw that years ago. DeathMask on Saturn/PS1.

(EDIT: Which after googling I have found out was called Angel Devoid originally)


Ding ding ding, we have a winner!


Live off screen shot


Fire Rock for FDS.




edit - someone else should post one. I don’t think I’m going to have time to respond to replies today.


Okay, here’s another from me.


I suck at this game and haven’t gotten a single one yet. :sweat_smile:

Is this Star Soldier on PC Engine?


If you’d like a hint, check the scanline thread :stuck_out_tongue:




I havent gotten any either, but love the game as it makes me googe/learn about a ton of games I had never heard off.


Sorry dude. As raskulou said, the scanlines thread will give you a hint to the platform.


NeoZeedeater, you are a master. That is right.
Verytex on the Mega Drive. That game had a killer soundtrack too.


I’ll toss one out (maybe super easy?):



Medal of Honor on PSX?