If your games go on the fritz, look under all the beds - Repair Log


Thought I’d start up a repair log thread where we can compile the various repair work we’ve done for when those Gremlins throw a spanner into the works. Hopefully the repairs logged can prove useful in assisting others when they run into similar problems and I hope others will contribute.

  1. Donkey Kong Country 2 - SNES Cartridge Repair


Donkey Kong Country 2 - SNES Cartridge Repair

I received a Donkey Kong Country 2 NTSC/U cart as part of a SNES cart lot I purchased this morning very cheaply. Unfortunately upon testing the cartridge I found that it refused to work.

I expected it would just be a simple use a rubber to clean the contacts fix. However, after opening up the cartridge I found that there is a crack all the way through the game PCB along several of the edge connector pins:

Using my multi-meter I confirmed that there were broken connections on 5 of the front “parts” side of the PCB and 3 on the rear “solder” side of the PCB.

First to re-enforce the PCB so the crack could not get worse through regular plugging and unplugging, I used small dabs of super (Gorilla) glue on top of the cracks between the pins on both sides and then ran a small amount of glue down the side of the connector.

Once this was dry I added some solder to the damaged pins which was lightly dragged across the pins to repair the broken connections. These were then tested with the multi-meter again to confirm the connections were solid. While quite unnecessary, I also applied a very light amount of solder to the two pins to the side of the repaired ones just to help give the connector a little bit of extra solidity against the crack.

As usual I then just used a rubber to clean up the connector and replaced the CR2032 tabbed battery with a brand new one. For those curious the old one was reading a little low at 2.9v.

I then re-assembled the cartridge, placed it into my SNES and turned it on:


Nice idea for a thread. I have a GBC game and a couple GBA games that do not boot. They don’t even get the Nintendo logo showing up. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with them but thanfully they were all cheap.