Monthly Game Club July

Good day everyone!

What would you think about a monthly game again? A game that’s not too difficult to beat, enjoyable, and is good topic for discussion.

Of course, this is just to spur some conversation, and finishing the game isn’t required.

Let’s start of with a lesser known game for the NES, that probably should’ve got more love than it did.

Shatterhand is a side scrolling action game where your main weapons are your fists! You can play through the entire game in about 40 minutes, and it’s great fun.




Great Idea for a thread. This one is a classic and I haven’t played it in a while. I’ll fire it up soon and write down my thoughts.

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I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday when I saw bithead playing it on his most recent video. He was playing around with one of those cheap NES Classic knockoffs, and booted up “Robocop 3”, which turns out to be a bootleg Japanese version of Shatterhand.

Anyway, the game looks pretty awesome, and I wanted to check it out!

Sounds like fun. A deep dive into a specific game each month is a good idea. Shatterhand is a lot of fun, I look forward to playing through it.


I could be down for this as well, but am trying to focus more on my own backlog these days.

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This game is great. I think we played it as a group at some point? I know I remember playing it talking about online a few years ago. I would be down with revisiting this one. I know I didn’t beat it. Great game.

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