New PSX ODE? X Station

Not confirmed but I believe it’s by the same people who did the Fenris Saturn ODE so people are guessing it’s the PSX equivalent. Never got around to installing my PSIO and the nature of it has put me off so hoping this is way less buggy and fits inside the machine.

I’m in the same boat as you. Got my PSIO back in early 2019 but never got round to installing it and now after all the bad rap the past few firmwares have received I don’t know if I ever will. Looking forward to seeing this. The reason why we haven’t seen a true ODE for PS1 is apparently because the CD controller is on the motherboard and not the drive unlike other consoles so I will be curious to see how they overcome these technical hurdles.

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That sounds difficult, I hope it gets figured out so it’s perfectly playable. I’m glad someone else is trying to tackle it too.

On a related note it seems the PSIO devs are making another ODE:

This time it looks to be internal and you can keep the drive in place but I’m weary of getting another device from them.