PASOKON: old Japanese computers (MSX, PC-98, X68000)


PC-88 Sorcerian is basically my childhood. It’s one of my favorite games of all time. I understand what you’re saying about the scrolling, but I don’t think it’s that bad. MSX computers also have scrolling issues. You’re totally way off about the games being terrible otherwise though.

As far as the NES being able to deliver hardware scrolling for cheaper, well, it just didn’t have the same requirements. Japanese computers needed to be able to display kanji, which meant twice the horizontal resolution of similar English computers (640x200 instead of 320x200). They’re computers first, gaming was a secondary concern.

There’s lots of games for PC88 and PC98 that don’t require any scrolling at all, including the well-regarded Snatcher.


Following up on this, they posted some example photos of how it could be used with standard PC cases.


Can this run other cores than MSX? Because that thin case looks like it would fit my setup.


That looks nice.

I don’t understand how the external cartridge connectors would work though. What I’m imagining in my head looks really awful.


I finished Children of the Night, and it was really, really good. No joke, I think it’s one of the best MSX games out there. I’m really glad I got it. It’s structured a lot like Zelda or Neutopia, but it’s got RPG elements and some really cool powers.

The game was also made for Colecovision in the past, so if anybody would like to experience it there instead, I highly recommend it.


Looks pretty cool.

Tonight I finished playing through all the T&E golf games on PC-98. Phew!

I recorded the music :


Anybody with PC-98 hardware and some time on their hands, the developer of DOSBOX-X is looking for testing help.


Hi. I’m back after a bit of an absence. How is everyone? Glad to see a Japanese PC thread started. Love my MSX2 that I bought from a friend, I have a HB F1XD-Mk2 with Megaflashrom/SCC and FMPAQ cart. Only thing is it seems one of my controller ports is malfunctioning and I’m not brave enough to open it up to fix it. It happened after I bought one of the SNES to MSX joystick adapters, so I hope I didn’t fry it by accident :frowning:



Must watch.

Short film made predominately on MSX.


Lots of cool stuff happening in the MSX scene lately. Two new games came out, one is a Metal Gear style game, and the other is a new puzzle platforming game by the creator of Children of the Night, which I posted about last year.


It’s so cool these games keep coming out. Love the box art on that second photo.