PSN flash sale includes some PS1 and PS2 classics

Flash sale in NA right now includes some classics, which doesn’t happen too often. Hard to pass up some of these digital versions at these prices, even if you have physical copies. Handy for those of us who happen to have a CRT setup and modern setups in different spots in our homes.

I’m considering Lament of Innocence. I’ve been intrigued by the PS2 Castlevania games for a while. I know they’re not top tier in the franchise, but for less than four bucks… anyone have thoughts on that one?

PSOne Classics:
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – $3.49
Castlevania Chronicles – $2.39
Resident Evil 2 – $2.09
Resident Evil 3 – $1.79
Silent Hill – $2.39

PS2 Classics:
BloodRayne – $3.49
BloodRayne 2 – $3.49
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – $3.49
Fatal Frame – $3.49
Fatal Frame II – $3.49
Fatal Frame III – $3.49
Siren – $3.49

I might grab Chronicles since the physical version is pretty expensive.

Chronicles is great! I’ve had it on PS3/PSP for quite awhile bought in one of these sales. In fact I have almost everything on that list that I wanted purchased in prior sales. These are great.

Pretty good prices. Maybe worth it for Silent Hill since the Framemesiter hates it lol.

Medicore C-tier PS2 games at release, almost certainly not worth your time at all now.
Still, cheap enough to check out I guess?

I bought SH, RE2 and 3. Already have SOTN and Chonicles

Solid buys! It’s worth noting that You can play them on a ps3 with component cables into your ossc and it looks pretty damn good. You can also play them on a psp @240p!

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Yeah, I love the PSP option for the PS1 Classics. I bought so many at these dirt cheap prices because of it!