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Hey everyone. Just wanted to do a little self-promotion here to let you know that I’ve got a personal website up for a gaming-style blog. I’ve filled it up with a bunch of content from past blogs I’ve had, as well as some information I’ve put on here and reddit.

Some of the content dates back to early 2011 at the earliest I believe.

Anyway, it’s pretty informal, please feel free to check it out. I’ll be adding more and more stuff as times goes on. Discussion topics, reviews, mods & repair logs, etc.



If you guys have any feedback, ideas, or want to write anything as a guest, please let me know.



Aside from the content being awesome I really like the aesthetics of your site, well done!

Post your updates here and/or to your twitter?

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Nicely done!

I think that’s the plan, yup!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

New review is posted, thanks everyone!



New review is up for Brute Force on Xbox. Enjoy!


Great work @raskulous. Read through a couple of your articles and was thoroughly entertained!

Keep it up! (Said in the Donpachi voice :slight_smile:)

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Thanks, I appreciate it!

Just put up my R-Type (Master System) review.