Red GameCube component cable is finicky

So… I have GCN component cables, but the red one has stared to act finicky. Sometimes the cube starts up with weird colors and it isn’t until I twist the red cable around a bit that the signal is coming through properly.

Normally, I’d just replace the cable, but GCN component cables are a special case (as you all know) and I don’t feel like dropping 200 bucks on a new one. Is there any way to fix something like this to make it more reliable?

Sounds like the wire has broken on the RCA jack. I’ve had it happen many times over the years and It’s an easy fix just cut the jack off and solder a new one on.

Are you going into a switch or direct to your display?

If its the latter try spraying some de-oxit in the RCA jack, insert the GC red component cable, and give it a good twist and a few in-and-outs to break up any oxidation.

Switch. Will do. Thanks for the recommendation.

guys above have you covered. Either dirty end or damage inside the cable.