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I’ve seen some complaints on Amazon that Supercade has screenshots of emulated games and most of the photos are of fairly low resolution.

I ordered a cheap used copy to check it out. I’m kind of a sucker for old arcade photos and videos.


RE The current’t running Third Editions kickstarter:

First stretch goal has been announced and it’s “The Work of Taro Yoko: From Drakengard to NieR: Automata”.

As a massive Taro fan I am thrilled. Apparently he (Taro Yoko) even wrote the forward for it.


Probably late to the party but I found out Pat Contri is currently working on a SNES Guidebook. Would love to pick up both books sometime in the future.

UPDATE: Pre-order is now available on the book.


Geeks-Line are back again with the SUPER NINTENDO ANTHOLOGY - The Ultimate Book on KickStarter. There’s two editions of the anthology. One focusing on the SNES hardware and another on the software.

Hardware version: 35 Euros (excluding P&P)
Software version: 40 Euros (excluding P&P)
Early Bird KS Bundle containing both books in a sleeve case: 65 Euros (excluding P&P) SOLD OUT



Backed it, but really unhappy with how they ship things. All my books from them come in a standard box with just one wrapping of bubble wrap with the corners all banged up. Really wish they would get those plastic corner protectors that a few other book sellers use these days, especially for their expensive/limited editions.


Probably best to raise it with them. They are pretty responsive from what I recall. I’d kick up fuss too if it came with dented corners and wear.


Yeah, I’m gonna. Been putting it off because I just haven’t had the time but have had the box/gamecube book sitting right next to my computer monitor since it arrived so I deal with it. Seeing the big red “FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE” sticker on a crushed box is kinda amusing in it’s own right.


You know what? I’ll raise the issue too once the Kickstarter gets approved.


I just never know if it’s an issue with me being too caring about condition. Didn’t even know about those corner protectors for books till I started ordering things directly from other sites and not just through amazon. Know ROM and Bitmap Books both use them and they are amazing.


Just wanted to say I got around to messaging Geeks-Line about my damaged GameCube book and got a response within the hour requesting pictures of the damage, which I sent and then got another response within 30 minutes saying they would be sending another one tomorrow.

I still wish I didn’t have such a problem with condition since it is a constant problem in this shipping based world but wanted to make sure to give them props for such good customer service.


Sweet! Glad to hear they were able to help you out. I have just finished raising the issue about their postage/shipping so hopefully they’ll take it into consideration for next year’s SNES Anthology launch.


I may mention/request the corner protectors in the comments of the kickstarter. It looks like a few other people have brought up shipping conditions already though so seeing if any of them get a response as well first.