Revival of an unreleased Sega VR headset for the Genesis

I found this pretty interesting, so I figured I should share with you fine people!


Enjoyed that - thanks!

It’s pretty insane that there were going to have head tracking on a 200 dollar device in 1993. I’ve never seen the software before, but yeah, in order to drive a stereoscopic display on the MD, you were down to 15 Hz per eye, which I can imagine would have been stomach churning combined with 1993 lcd tech.

Completely understandable that it was shelved.

Very amazing that we have this demo now. Great work.

Thanks for sharing!

And good point about the LCD tech, I’m feeling queasy thinking about it.

Virtual Boy’s oscillating mirrors and red LEDs provided CRT-like motion resolution but also killed the idea of a true head tracking device since legal also got worried about accidents with glass.

It’s interesting that many games on the system manage to run at 60hz per eye with little slowdown, though, cancelled games like Bound High would have been perfect for head tracking.

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