RGB High Score Battle! - Week 3: Dragon Spirit (Arcade)

I would like to retract my previous idea, and instead offer up (insert game Peltz has never played before here).

Metal slug?

(JK). We should do a racing game. Like an F-Zero track or something.

Lol I’m cool with Katamari :stuck_out_tongue:

Only F-Zero I own is best F-Zero (SNES).

Seems like Peltz is going to pick the next game, unless someone can take him down!

I’d be up to try and get some high scores going in the future :slight_smile:
Tetris and Donkey Kong are my jam but I’d be up for whatever.

Okay, here’s my choice for the high score competition this week:

F-Zero (SNES), Mute City III on Kings League. Fastest time wins.

(I figure that this track should be exciting with all the landmines placed in that one narrow section).

Interesting! I like it… and I have the cart!

I’ll update the website today with the new battle!

Peltz: Time trial, or race?


Hmm would playing the PAL F-Zero @ 50hz affect the timer?

Oh wait maybe that won’t matter for race?

I’d play the NTSC version myself but something to think about.

Site is updated! Here’s our current week details:

Game: F-Zero

Platform(s): SNES

Game Details: Mute City III, King’s League, Standard Difficulty, Full Race Time

Battle Ends: Sunday, March 18th @ Midnight PST

I’ve updated the website with the new game, let’s get racing!

Good luck everyone, please submit your scores via screenshot or video by replying directly to this post!


Peltz 10
raskulous 7
New002 5

I think you should add track details in that post.


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That’s not Katamari! Did we learn nothing from letting Peltz pick the game!?

(not even Katamari could save us)

I assure you I will lose in F-Zero. I’m terrible at it.

I suck so bad at fzero so I’m out.

Did you see my Geometry Wars score? Don’t let sucking at a game dissuade your from participating :smile:

We’re going to have a little stats page with some interesting items, so it’s better to compete even though you may not get first place. Don’t be afraid to put up any score you can!

Would be nice to have 10+ people each week, I think the competition will really be fun then.

Yes I did and I reinstalled last night and barely made it over 100K

Haha I saw you playing evolved on XBL :smiley:

Yeah my first score didn’t break 100k

Peltz is this beginner, standard or expert difficulty? I’m playing on standard.