RGB High Score Battle! - Week 3: Dragon Spirit (Arcade)

I have no experience with the game, but considering it’s a Saturn title, I would imagine not everyone has it in their collection. Can it be emulated well?

It also received a port on PS2 in Japan which was the basis for the Steam, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions so its on plenty of platforms. Not tried it in Mednafen but considering how well it plays everything else can’t imagine it being a problem.

Do you want me to think of a game playable in MAME so everyone can definitely play it?

Nope, I think that would be totally fine. I’m sure everyone can figure out how to play it. I’ll make a new thread today and update the site.

What should I put down for the rules? Is there a story mode, or a certain level we’re playing?

If we could play with the character Clarice on Spring Valley as having checked the game again that is the most fun of the two available first levels.

If you are not playing on the original Saturn game then use "SEGA SATURN DREAMS " mode in the ports for parity between platforms.

Don’t think any other rules are needed as there is only a single mode and no options that can affect anything else, just get the best score for the stage. The score is presented after the boss but you can also access the high score tables separately.

Okay sounds good, thanks.

Here’s the final tally for this week!

raskulous 103,160
tomwhite2004 97,720
blastprocessed 54,690
dekethedog 51,940