RGB High Score Battle! - Week 41 & 42: Metal Slug X

Improved my score but likely still last lol

Man I love the game l, but I’m done with MSX for the time being. Scoring in this game requires you to stay alive and keep the POW and Slug score bonuses after each boss battle, and Stage 3 boss always make me lose the first life and thus the opportunity for 2+ million scores, end up losing my credit by late Stage 4. At the very least I can say I got the first half of the game down at this point, and the game is still very fun regardless of how frustrated I am right now LOL.

Looking forward for the next score though.

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Wow guys you are amazing… mid-summer and we get the best turnout on the battle we’ve had in a while! Pandemic probably helps…

Congrats @Sapiens you’re the winner with 3,370,320! What game would you like to play next?

edit: Site updated with scores and stats.

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Awesome. Thanks @raskulous.

Ummm, Crazy Taxi, any version, default settings, arcade mode, most cash?


I have the GameCube version, will participate even if I suck LOL. Someone has to be last place right?

Soundtrack is going be hell on the ears in 2 weeks. :sweat_smile:


Wow that’s a unique one, I’ll get it posted up tomorrow!