RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


It’s a shy boy :wink:


Not really retro related but eh…

Not quite clear in the image, but that’s a 7770k. To go along with the GTX 1070 and 525gb SSD I already have, replacing my old i7 3770 (which I sold along with the board and RAM for a decent amount). Set it all up the other day and it runs reaaal well, especially when trying out Cemu and Dolphin. Need to get more RAM though at some point as 8gb is used up pretty damn quick.

Together with the NT Mini a couple of weeks back, this is the last big purchase for me this first half of the year aside from the things already paid for last year like my Super NT console and UltraHDMI board. I’ve got a new years resolution to save a certain amount by the end of May, so I’ve limited my allowance to 15% of my net salary each month.

I also should by now have a Super NES compendium book I backed on kickstarter, but what a total fuck up that has been with regards to us in the UK. Later than everyone else, and they’re using the shittiest courier in the country too (DX). My first tracking number didn’t work - contacted the help email for the book distributors, and turns out DX lost it…although they seemed to have absolutely no intention of letting me or anyone else know. Got another one out for delivery apparently today, but fuck knows if it’ll end up in a hedge or something.


Got another cheap CD bundle, most of them are +1 (only exception was FF). This time I wanted FF and AOF, even if there’re CD only, but Karnov Revenge came with a manual and the Actual disk is in better condition than my older one.


Hyper Duel WTF…

How many kidneys do you have right now?


I mean, you don’t actually need kidneys…right?


I mean you need at least one, the second one is ideally used for buying expensive things.


So I went to Retro City Festival today.

I met this guy

I saw this thing.

Picked up some games.

And didn’t get a Saturn. :frowning:


so much history here! congrats man, that must’ve been amazing.


awesome! Did Billy tell you how great he was?

kidding. I’ve heard hes a cool dude and was really villanized in the movie.


I live in San Diego and was thinking about going to this retro game event. Was it any good? Did they have any Saturn consoles for sale?


He was nice. Was greeting people as we go to the show. Seemed to be a nice guy. He asked me to guard the bathroom for him so he could grab his suit. The movie needed a bad guy and this guy was just an American hero. :wink:

My friend is putting it on so I’m not an unbiased person. I liked it but I’m 20 minutes away. The game sellers were selling very used games. Not the shape I collect. If those games I bought weren’t less than $10 on average I would never have bought them. I got Raiden 3 free. Maximo was $1. I got some great deals but I’m likely going to swap cases with many of them. I forgot how much I don’t like gradius. I’m rusty so we shall see if I feel this way after putting some time in.


I can’t speak for that one in particular but for events in general. It has been a decade since conventions and what not have been good for any kind of retro gaming pickups. If you see things at ebay prices you are lucky and don’t expect much movement on the prices anymore. Like Kawika said, if you are just looking for odds and ends that go for like $10 normally so paying $15 doesn’t seem so bad, then sure, go nuts. But don’t really go with expectations of finding a whale you are hunting or with something specific in mind since it will either not be t here, not be in good condition, or be priced 20% over ebay price. And it will sell.


Posting stuff I got today (some of the Genesis games) and other stuff obtained over this past winter.

Forgot about this one I got for Christmas!


‘Misc’ pickups are the best. Some gems in those Genesis/PS1 hauls. :+1:


Got this massive 36’’ Trinitron from a friend. He was about to throw it out so I looked in the back, saw it had component input and offered him a couple of beers to help me move it to my home. It must weight 150kg at least. I did some quick test and it seems to be in pretty good shape, I might have to do some minor tweaking in service mode but that’s it. Scanlines are THICK!

Sorry for the crappy pic:


Nice Core Grafx! Plus some great games in there. Also arcade stick buddies!

This month, wanting to get back into using an arcades stick for vertical shooters, I got a Mayflash F300. I didn’t want to invest too much money at first and wanted something that wasn’t too big or heavy and easily modable. Plus the fact that it works with the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Switch was a huge bonus. I’m really happy with the size, weight, and how well it works with everything. Updating the firmware was also RIDICULOUSLY easy. I wasn’t so happy with the stick itself though. So the first thing I did was drop in a Sanwa stick, which was just as easy to do as updating the firmware. Took me all of like 5 - 7 minutes to do.

I’m not crazy about ball tops though, and never really have been. I was going to order a plastic bat top for it. A few years back my friend and his brother were milling replacement sticks and tops out of aluminum for a variety of sticks. They were making full stick replacements for the Happ competition sticks for instance. He had some left over bat tops for Sanwa sticks and hooked me up with a nice powder coated one.

I’ve been super happy with it so far. I’ve been spending an assload of time with the 360 vertical shooters I’ve got. Even though I’ve got Raiden IV on PS3, I’m now super tempted to get it on 360 just because.


Nice Trinitron! Looks like a 36fs100 or 36fs120 to me. If so make sure you turn off the Velocity Modulation.

The TV should be around 210lbs


The back says kv-38fx250a and apparently it’s 38’’ according to Sony’s website.

I have no idea what Velocity Modulation is but I’ll take a look.


Love those big Sony Trinitrons! I keep an eye out for them “just in case” as I had one fail and need replacement a few years ago. That set served me very well.


How are the buttons on that?