RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


They seem fine for me, granted I haven’t been playing fighting games on them and just shooters, but I’ve got no complaints after spending a fair bit of time with them. You can just as easily drop in sanwa buttons if you really hate them. The wires coming off the buttons have the quick connects on them so you can literally slide them off, pop out this button and just pop in a sanwa. It’s surprisingly easily customizable.


For me, shooters which require quick rapid presses of buttons to fire as fast as possible are a much better test than fighters anyway.

The default weapon in Metal Slug is the gold standard for testing out an arcade stick’s buttons in my humble opinion. Being able to fire it at full speed for a long period of time without getting a tired finger is what I look for in a good arcade button. In Metal Slug 2-6, crouching and firing is how I perform the test (since you fire slightly faster when crouched).


Got this at a decent price after spending some loyalty points I had saved up.


Nice! What are looking to go after next on the Saturn?


Great pick up! That’s still on my list many years after its initial release. I did get to play it way back when because a buddy bought it. It will eventually find a home in my collection.

I really need to get some pix of my recent pick ups into this thread. Lots of retro lately.



I got a new transparent blue PAL N64 to replace the one from Japan that was crushed/cracked in transit and I got a full refund on:

I accidentally took the photo in black/white. fuck it.

Anyhow…I’ll be installing the UltraHDMI when I receive the board next month. So, my idea is…put the RGB modded board from the black JP N64 into the cracked blue JP shell. Sell it for £35. Put the PAL board into the black shell. Sell for £25. Put the remaining JP board into the mint condition blue shell I got today and install the UltraHDMI into it. aw yeeeahh.


Yeah sure Rich, “accidentally” :wink:

All seriousness, that’s some dedication to the 64.


I love the 64!

I actually just spent £40 in my lunch break earlier buying a 4gb xbox 360 just to play through the best versions of Banjo Kazooie/Tooie again!

But even then, the N64 is filled with classics. Days of fun with no mercy!!


I thought internet rules stated there needs to be at least 10 hashtags with the posting of any black and white photo. Should we report him to instagram?



I can’t be dealing with this #blackandwhitediscrimination





Would it help if start a thread/post with the full breakdown/installation of the UltraHDMI when I get it next month? Really looking forward to it.

I’ve also got some other awesome things lying around. I got some knackered mega drive boards and harvestered the Yamaha YM2612 from each. I’ve connected each via an arduino, and I’ve got it outputting MIDI. It sounds like shit, but I’m working on it!!!


both sound really interesting ! When I get some time I’m going to be playing around with some megadrive mods including the audio circuit


Hah, that’s hilarious. And yeah, both of those threads sound good. It’d been a while since I’ve done any soldering, so I’m starting to get “the itch” again and the Ultra HDMI may be a good one…


You must excuse the “new” stuff here, but 50% is retro. Two Wii games I’ve been searching for decent quality/priced copies I finally found and my first DMG Game Boy! Original everything there, but new Glass Screen.

Well actually I am not sure Wii is considered quite retro yet, but it sure ain’t current gen.


Ooooh, I didn’t know The Inpatient was out! Let us know how that is, I loved Rush of Blood (still haven’t played the original)


Everything become Retro someday as far as I’m concerned.


That GameBoy looks gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Excite Truck is my favourite Wii game. I play it to 100% S-rank once a year.

Here’s an old, low-resolution video that I recorded pre-iPhone


I think we all know how I feel about ExciteTruck!