RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I’d love to get Sengoku Blade and Elevator Action Returns. I’d say those two are at the top of my list right now. Also Battle Garegga, but I think I’ll just go for the cheaper PS4 option.


Excellent choices! I want to grab both of those games but I may just have to settle for Taito Legends 2 to play Elevator Action Returns. The PS4 version of Battle Garegga is very tempting and cheaper. It sounds like a better purchase.


I have Taito Legends 2 and it’s an excellent way to play Elevator Action Returns, a game I’ve looked at on eBay longingly for a long time.


Finally snagged this one. Decent price via auction and a gift card helped ease the payment pain. Pretty nifty game but relies much more heavily on memorization that I would like.


Got a CIB copy of Gradius III for only $20! Box is a bit scuffed but cart and manual are mint.


I have this one too. It’s kinda okay… good but overrated.


I have three N64s and externally they look the same. :neutral_face:

Gunblade NY/LA Machineguns is good fun. I’ve seen Wii prices crawling up and for that reason I’m glad I picked up almost every Wii game I wanted in 2016.


Well since my friend gave me a Mega Drive for Christmas, I had to get something for it. So what better game to start out with than this gem?

This was my favorite game for the Mega Drive as a kid so I just had to get it as my first one. Feels good having this console again after all this time, although I worry about space for the games I’ll be getting hehe :slight_smile:


Yep, overrated for sure if you’re taking price into consideration. Playing it today, I can see it was probably too difficult and (honestly) shallow to strike a chord with players upon release, which would have led to low sales. Especially in 1991. I’ve also heard there was a fairly low print run, too. Either way, it seems like this is one of the expensive games that actually is kinda rare. But it’s also just not that great…!


I know right!? I had to pay more than I would have liked for this copy, and I keep going back and forth between different systems to get some of the game I really want that are going up in value. Really wish I started collecting years ago. I really only started my retro collecting last year as other hobbies were taking up all my time.


I had no idea Gradius III was rare, or an expensive title. I’ve got it but I think I lost my box for it ages ago, though I may have the manual still in my pile of loose manuals.

edit looking it up it seems it’s only a 20 - 30 dollar game complete and like 10 - 12 bucks loose. That isn’t one I’d classify as expensive.


I can’t imagine getting into collecting now. For me it would seem more of a hassle being that everyone and there mother is in the hunt now. I have a couple titles I’ll pick up here and there, but they are mostly commons. If I don’t grab them, I won’t lose sleep. Enjoy the hunt though, that’s part of the fun.


SNES is really the one system that I never invested hard in. I’m happy with all my Sega stuff for the most part… and even most other Nintendo systems. That makes it a little easier for me to stomach current SNES prices but it really is a bad time to get started on many retro systems.

Wii is something people shouldn’t sleep on atm. Lots of stuff there will climb soon.


I agree, now is the time for Wii. And WiiU


I didn’t get “into” retro gaming until 2014 so it’s been pretty expensive for me. I think the PSP is the only system I’ve gotten in on before it blows up ( IF it blows up )


I’m actually in the market for a few PSP titles I missed out on, but they’re already super overpriced it seems (looking for the Legend of Heroes games outside of Trails in the Sky). Everything old and unavailable is gonna skyrocket in price someday, it seems inevitable.


Some titles I can see on the PSP going up, but as a whole it shouldn’t be too bad. Vita however… I can see that going high up


I’ve got a decent amount of vita stuff as well, including some of the asia-english releases. I grabbed the first 10 or so LRG games then I fell off of that. I’m sure those will/are expensive !

I loved the vita so much but the switch has completely replaced it in my heart.


I tried playing the Vita last weekend and I was like, I’m not sure I can play this tiny screen anymore. I need to look into what the Vita TV hacking scene is up to because mine has been in a box for a long time. I heard you can dump games on the USB. I was wondering how well I can import PSP games to it as well as a HDMI option for PS1 games. If it works well I could sell off my PSP go.


Wouldn’t the PlayStation TV be a better option?