Selling physical games and focusing on video quality/cabling, and everdrives.


Yeah I really dislike his setup. He needs double the space, and half the collection lol. I’d prefer to have a smaller amount of games, fully hidden cables, and high quality furniture to display it.


You know, as long as it looks nice to you and you are happy that is great. What do i know?

This looks like shit. I hate it and I would never want to live in a space like this.

You nailed it. Its not the collection. Its how its organized. There is an Aussie youtuber that has this massive collection and what appears to be a 1100+ square foot room that he houses it in. The games don’t seem to take over the space. I didn’t really consider why his space didn’t give me the same feeling. Its really about the organizing. Maybe its less horder and more claustrophobic feeling. This dude has inexpensive shelves and he has a lot of things going on that I hate but at the same time, I don’t get the same feeling. This place looks more like a museum.

I have yet to see someone in this forum’s collection that gave me that oh this is too much feeling.


I had this issue with collecting CRTs. It’s not the same of course, I don’t display all of my sets like people do games, but space is at an extreme premium. I picked up sets I didn’t have a good storage solution for, leading to my selling or giving them away. The collecting mindset can become an obsession very easily.

I always looked at MJR and thought about how cool it’d be to have a collection like his. Now that I really think about it, if I had 5000 games, my gaming space would look be nothing but walls of boxes that would probably go unplayed because I couldn’t be bothered to get them down, unbox them, and fire them up. Of course, MJR is a game collector as much or more than a game player, so I still completely respect his setup.


Joe at Gamesack seems to have a really clean looking collection. When they shoot their skits his Sega collection doesn’t look bad at all.


Yeah, I watch his stuff all the time. Good example of how a massive collection doesn’t have to look like crap. He is also clearly rich… Haha


Or poor now. :wink:


Considering he’s building a new addition to his house, so he can have a massive arcade with hundreds of machines, I doubt it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Metal Jesus has another room for storage. He showed it briefly in one of his videos right after he acquired that massive boxed PC haul last year. Nintendo Collecting has a massive collection and while I’m not a fan of everything he’s got, I like how he has his CIB N64 systems displayed.


He’s buying a new house for a bigger Nintendo room. Yeah dude, that’s hording behavior.

Edit: at least it looks clean.


I’m the total opposite. While I keep my main area clean and organized I have my own “war room” area where it’s just me and my games and controllers and cords everywhere.

@YesBoss has my favorite kind of setup. I can’t wait to see what he does next!


The EverDrive option isn’t bad - you just have to know if it’s for you or not. When I use an EverDrive, I get the same feeling I get when I see a folder with 700 NES ROMs on my computer. I find that I don’t play games for more than a few minutes and pretty much never finish games. That’s a personal problem, and may not apply to you but it’s something to think about.


I have some things to say about collections, Everdrives and such. For starters, when it comes to Steam sales and such, I normally pick up a lot of games for cheap because I know I’m going to play those games eventually and rather do that than spend 40-60 bucks on most of the ones I want. Plus by doing this, if there’s a game I’m not a big fan of, I would feel less pain for paying 5 bucks for it than say 60 bucks. If you are buying games just for the hell of it and not playing them(at least once) then you might need self control, lol. I will even stay committed to the games I play as well despite the large number of them, heck I beaten many of the games I played on Steam, and I have over 100 games on there!

When it comes to everdrives, they can be a lifesaver. Everdrives are pretty much the most convenient thing for cartridge based consoles as it prevents you from switching carts all the time and is useful in case any of your cartridges dying. I have a N64 cartridge that died on me and it’s one of my fave games on the system(Star Wars Rogue Squadron) so I’m thankful for the Everdrive I got(it died after I got the Everdrive though). If you feel overwhelmed by what to play on the Everdrive, limit the games you want to play on there and go for that. You don’t need to play every game on there if you don’t want to, just the ones you want to play.

When it comes to collections, I do collect games, but I don’t use shelves or anything like that. Instead I use storage bins, and this is to hide them from plain view for the most part. I personally wouldn’t like to have games all over shelves and such, it can be a chore to organize, it takes up even more space and it’s just not necessary for me. If you have the space more power to you, but for me, it’s not worth doing and I rather have my room not look like some crazy collection room or something! This is also why I do digital more as well.


I don’t have an Everdrive or anything like that. Though I do use RetroArch on my N3DS, miniSNES and Mac.

I stopped collecting when I worked away from home - as it just became impractical - and I never really resumed. These days I only buy things I truly adore and will continue to do so. For modern games and systems I buy and then trade when I’m done.

I’ve thought about selling my old stuff, going so far as to write my own barcode scanning solution to catalogue it all at the rfgeneration website, but had second thoughts and kept it all. It’s easier to keep it boxed up than spend the time selling it all.


Life hack. Buy multiple SD cards with 1 game or a collection on it and put that in your ED. :wink:


Yeah I’ve been meaning to thin out my Super Everdrive and just install what I want to play, while having the entire library on my computer. If I come across a game, or someone recommends something, I’ll just install it to the everdrive.


Yeah, that’s a much better idea! Plus more organized too!


I keep my games with other stuff, like books and music CD. And most of them are in plain view, so people that come over and browse.

And I have serious restriction of calling my games a “collection” since, at least for games, there isn’t a previous consideration about what I buy, like specific game makers or genres. If I find it mildly interesting, I can buy it, or when I buy game lots. Books and music CD are a different story, though.


I also try to get many games before their prices jack up, there are games I want that cost more than I want to pay for them, and certain versions of games cost way, way more than the others. Sometimes waiting isn’t always a good thing. I’m on the hunt for them each month now though.


I do the same. Well, I put all the games I own on an ED then add ones as ones are recommended or game of the month type things. It also helps I use old SD cards that are like 128-256mb so it’s not possible to load an entire library even if I wanted to. It saves some money not needing new SD cards as well.


For my Everdrives I use smoke monster’s sets. But my first folder I mark #favorites. This is where I put all the games I either love, own, want to play etc. This keeps me from going through hundreds of games because it’s rare I have more than 3 or 4 pages of ROMs in that folder. I’m never paralyzed by these games because going in, I know I’m already into this game. I need to do something like this with my hacked Wii but since I already owned everything I was interested in on that platform and I had someone fill a hard drive. I don’t delete unless I play and hate a game because you never know when a hidden gem will be found.