The Waggle-Free Nintendo Wii Appreciation/Collectors Thread


It has been too many years for me to remember how I did it but I installed the homebrew channel using the SD slot. Gecko OS worked great for playing import discs. I bought PAL Xenoblade to play on my NTSC machine.


Here’s a page that seems to have all info you could ever need:

The page that was complementary to the GAF thread is also still pretty good.

I looked at both yesterday because I hooked up my Wii for the first time in forever and had to do some reading to get USB loading of games running again, since my old hdd with a WBFS partition had died. Turns out these days you don’t need a special WBFS partition anymore. And I also upgraded some of the hacks I had installed.

After I got everything working again I ripped my disc of Sin & Punishment 2 and played it for a while before bed. I got pretty nostalgic while playing around with the system. Had so many fun hours with it and it’s good to have it hooked up again. There are still some must-have games I need to pick up for it like SMG2 and DKCR. I’ll have to fix that soon. :slight_smile:


I had a similar experience with the WII recently and found it momentarily odd. Booted it up to check something before moving it and just the main menu was giving me the feels. Decided to do the same with my PS3 that I also haven’t played in a while and got the same feeling. Was a time when I was on either at least once every couple of days and it has probably been a year since the last time I started my WII now. Guess that is the most modern generation to give me nostalgia. Will see how the current one fairs, but I am playing my PS4 a lot less because of real life shit then I did my ps3 and Wii…


Picked up Wheelspin for £2 a long time ago and finally got round to playing it 4-player last night. It’s known as SpeedZone in North America, and received a panning on its release.

Produced by Archer Maclean and using a 3D engine by Ai-Wave who created it for their very similar PC game “Nitro Stunt Racing”.

However, I think it’s a good game! Yes, it’s a little rough round the edges (bad sound effects, bad translation - even English, generic futuristic graphics) but it runs at 60fps: the frame rate is kept high through sparse use of low resolution textures and more use of shaded polygons. This thing is FAST.

Most interestingly it supports up to 8 players: 4 on Wii remote, 4 on any Classic controllers plugin into those Wii remotes, or GameCube controllers plugged directly into the Wii. The screen is split into 9 and a map is put in the middle.

Race Mode has a feel a lot like Rollcage or TrackMania (you vs ghost), and Battle Mode has a feel of Rocket League or Twisted Metal (weapons). There’s also a little F-Zero and Wipeout influence in there, as you’d imagine.

Handling is a little twitchy, but no more than all those other games. It’s not Mario Kart where you can just pick it up and instantly drive well. It’s difficult from the start, so I recommend just finishing some tracks to get money and then upgrade your car to go for the challenges. Also, petrol cars have a really annoying engine sound.

I like to use motion controlled steering (in a similar way to Excite Truck) but it also supports analogue controls via the various classic controllers. In multi-player there always needs to be somebody on Wii remote 1 even if extra standard controllers are plugged in. Not sure about single player.

Anybody else played it?


8 player split-screen, is that a first for a game? …I kinda want to see it in action…and purchased lol

Reminds me a little of San Francisco Rush 2049 on Dreamcast, that was a lot of fun in multi.


Nice! It does look a little crappy, but that style of arcade racer is my absolute favorite. I’m going to check this it for sure.


Anyone use a SCART cable with the Wii? Worthwhile?


stick with component.

I thought SCART was blurry


I’m also interested to know if it is.

There are a bunch more since, recently Gunscape and Screencheat.

And Micro Machines V3 and some Bomberman were 8 player controller share but only one screen.

I’ll let you know what I dig up.


Ok here’s a basic, likely dumb, question - I can’t just plug the three video cables from a component source into the the BNC inputs (using the little pass-through adaptors), can I? I’d be missing the sync info, right?

What about Wii via s-video? How’s the quality there?


What BNC inputs are you referring to? In almost every hardware I can imagine, this should work just fine.


I’ve heard Wii RGB Scart cables for PAL machines (I think you can flash NTSC Wiis to get RGB) are meant to be good that being said I’ve got a cheap 3rd party cable that I’m pretty sure puts out composite (if not then it’s crazy noisy for RGB).

There was a member on GAF who had the same problem and realised it was wired wrong and managed to fix it:

I’m guessing this was intentionally done so it could be bought internationally. Unfortunately, the scart cable I have has a molded scart head so I couldn’t test the fix.


Are you plugging it into a BVM/PVM? As long as it supports component you’ll be fine.


I’m referring to the cheap little 99-cent adaptors that allow you to use RCA/phono end on BNC inputs. I should have been more specific, though … I do realize that BNC and phono are interchangeable. What I meant to ask was - can I plug component into the RGB inputs? As far as I know my PVM does not support component. These are not the same video standard, correct?

I think I’ll probably use s-video. I only have on SV input, though, and I use that for GameCube. So I’ll likely get a Y-cable to enable hooking both to one input.


That’s what I figured you were asking about. Those little adapters work great but if it cant accept component then it won’t work.

They are very different signals despite having the same color coding for some odd reason. This link will help you out.


Your PVM supports RGB and not Component? That’s pretty surprising.


i Have 3 PVMs that don’t support component and 1 that does.


Just added some extra notes to my intro of the game.


New Super Mario Bros Wii is SO GOOD


The game most likely, of all games ever produced, to lead to murder.

I played it with youth group kids when I was a leader and the actual real life rumbles that came out of power stealing were legendary.