Thoughts on Ready Player One?

Just saw it and while it was nothing special or meaningful, it did serve as a good exercise for Spielberg to try something other than a period drama. It was fine.

One thing I did appreciate was that it really downplayed or eliminated NES nostalgia and focused on other retro systems instead. I won’t spoil it, but I felt that it was a much better choice to showcase pre nes systems.

What did you all think?

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My wife and I went in knowing nothing about the movie/story aside from the trailers, which were terrible. So we went in with very low expectations and ended up really enjoying it. When we were leaving the theater I told my wife that there was no way they could have cut a solid trailer for that.

I didn’t find the references obnoxious or cringe-worthy, so that was a pleasant surprise :smiley:

The book? garbage.
The movie? Alright. I perhaps would have enjoyed it more if it were not for reading the book first.

Haven’t seen the movie, but I enjoyed the book, even though there are some cringey references in it. If you can ignore the “Hey, remember this and remember that, and I called my ship this because of that 80s movie that you remember because we’re geeks” stuff, it’s a pretty fun ride.

Will eventually get around to seeing the movie, which I’ve heard is better than the book, and would make the third time Spielberg’s made a movie better than the source material (See: Jaws and Jurassic Park).

Recently watched this and I struggled to get through the entire movie. Seems film makers really still have no clue about what people see in gaming and think just throwing blurry sub par cgi cameos at the audience is what we want to see.

I really loved the book, it had the right level of “dork” to hit the spot and you fealt that it was written with a real fan attitude,

The film, ahhh not so much, I was disapoint and since seeing it have never considered it again (poor sign from a film) it tried to hard to be cool, made way to many changes to the book, the book felt darker than the film, naaa not for me.