Video Game Esoterica's Thread of Fun! - 3DO ODE install guide and review - 8/19

Not played this one but high recommendation! Interested to see how it stacks up against the best of the rest. T&E SOFT made all my favourite 3D golf games.

one part sequel, one part remake…all parts FUN!

Thanks for sharing this - I learned a lot. Had no idea there was a direct upgrade to the original Ridge Racer at the arcade!

Agree that the original game is still visually gorgeous at the arcade (and even the PS1 version looks pretty attractive still), lovely environment and texture design.

Also interesting to see the graphics were provided by a simulation company developer - reminds me a lot of Pilotwings 64 and the Paradigm connection. The unlikeliest of fits.

What you mentioned about how modern driving games lack the same sort of appeal does recall how a lot of modern games are quite bad at basic wish fulfilment.

a deep cut hidden gem everyone should try!

I’m getting a Rod-Land vibe.

Spica Adventure is the main reason I’d like a Taito Type X for my cabinet.
Such a lovely game and very easily playable on a bog standard PC these days via a loader.

And some Mr Driller too

X2 boards are pretty economical these days

Not really, they are spoiled by bad caps, bad power supplies, currently un-fixable errors due to battery dying and there being no known unlock password for the BIOS where you require a USB keyboard to be hooked up to bypass.

Did buy one once and returned it because more hassle than it was worth to sort it out.
I feel you get a much better experience via a loader to be honest on modern hardware.

Really the Taito Type X2 is just a cheap low spec PC at it’s heart just with a PCI JVS board plugged in and some custom BIOS/drivers.

You can flash the bios now.

I enjoy them but I get it’s not for everyone

Can you provide information on that?

As far as I am aware only the Taito Type x3 password was discovered and the only thing you can re-flash is the GPU BIOS. Not even sure a Taito Type X/X2 BIOS been even dumped yet.

so weird but so fun

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this is cool

cats plus snack foods = fun

an amazing reimagining of a classic

a total hidden gem

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