Video Game Esoterica's Thread of Fun! - best Saturn games to play on Steam Deck - 5/27

pretty impressive stuff

I miss 90s Sega

Initial D time!

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/obligatory avatar like, lol

I’ve never played an ID arcade game. That looks pretty fun! I have Street Stage (PSP) and Extreme Stage (PS3), but both seem lacking compared to the arcade games.

I used to play the arcade game Extreme Stqge was based on and I was so hooked, I used to carry the card in my wallet lol. arcades were already dying out, but that game had me coming back every time I went shopping with my mall (the complex had an arcade). some good memories. I’m going to pick up the PS3 version just to see how it holds up


who doesn’t love Al. Peggy maybe…

32x time!

but what would YOU pick

time to drill!

a Konami first

now with 100% more controls


another AMAZING month