Video Game Esoterica's Thread of Fun! - Judge Dredd Cancelled Arcade Prototype - 12/5

very impressive stuff

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one very weird and very 90s Atari prototype


Never heard of this one! It definitely has that janky and campy Pit-Fighter / Guardians of the Hood spirit. I’m sure I would’ve pumped some quarters in the arcade cabinet, had it actually been released!

Yes it’s janky but that’s a style I love lol

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just another straight up PERFECT Neo Geo game!


This one has a secret/unlockable Hanafuda Koi-Koi game.

sure they might be flawed but I love them

Happy thanksgiving!

on real NUON hardware


Never knew Nuon was even a thing. Let alone it got a unique version of Tempest like this.

It’s an amazing oddity.

Around 2001 I was a member of the Jeff Minter forum, yakyak. One of the members was in Switzerland with work and noticed that a high street electronics chain was selling a specific NUON player at clearance price. He asked the forum if there was any interest, and a couple dozen of us put our money on the table. All remaining stock of the Samsung N504 in the whole of Switzerland, and maybe Europe, was routed to the branch near where the guy was working and he shipped them to us. Around that time I bought a selection of games, some controllers, compatible DVDs. I enjoyed it very much for a few years before I moved and it’s been in storage since then, i think.

I still have all of my NUON collection, I did think about selling some controllers, but the toxic reaction I got from the NUON Facebook group made me put it all back in storage. I don’t have time for that nonsense.


That’s an awesome story. Love it. I’d keep it if I was you. No reason to sell :slight_smile:


The T3K power up system is pretty much the same as T2K: collect the wireframe cylinders. In your video you missed most of the powerups, it seemed to me.

The powerups are incremental and include things like (I forget the actual order): autofire, superzapper (smart bomb), jump, ai droid, warp, instant complete level, bonus points, etc.

It’s important to capture the first powerup of the stage because it restores you to the power you had ending the previous level.

The easy levels at the start can be used to farm powerups and get a warp to quickly take you to levels that are more challenging.

Such a genius game. Not far from T2K gameplay-wise, but light-years ahead graphically with its “pixel-less” style. :heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

Yes I’d never played T3K until this as I never had a controller. So def a game I am not well versed in compared to lots of other things

another SNES banger


a legit game from SNK that isnt a fighting game :slight_smile:

A fun game but def a flawed one

Lament is what proved to me Igarashi had little idea about good game design.

IMO the appeal of Castlevania which kept it around for so long was a series of tight action and platforming challenges in a gothic setting with a great sense of place. The N64 games had technical problems and were primitive, but did achieve a lot of that and could easily have been built on if not for inter-office politics at Konami.

Lament of Innocence? Nah, throw that away and instead have repetitive slash slash slash in a series of repetitive plain flat very video-gamey looking rooms with rudimentary exploration that feels completely artificial. More like a slow Gauntlet clone than anything that resembled the 2D action Castlevania games. You know even the developers realised this too, having to add in floating arrows on doors to assist with direction because it all looks so samey. Imagine if Castlevania 4 or SOTN needed arrows on doors to assist with navigation because it was too confusing?

Plus it has that overly serious ‘epic drama’ story on the ‘origins’ of Dracula (and also has to give an ‘origin’ to the whip… whipping a woman to death to give it powers…). All this poorly written drama… in a campy series where you fight giant floating eyeballs and the mummy man. Okay.

The next one was even worse as it tried to use the same engine for an actual ‘cross country adventure’, but ‘towns’ and ‘forests’ are still just corridors and it’s still a flat boring hack hack hack corridor dungeon crawler with almost zero platforming. With an even worse super serious story about… some pokemon trainers running around after Castlevania III. Right.

The “sameyness” is what gets me every time. It’s a copy and paste art style that just takes all the charm out of the game