Video Game Esoterica's Thread of Fun! - Monkey Ball on NAOMI - 6/24

and just like that the retrospective is OVER

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cause analog is king!

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Ace Driver looks sick - it’s on the Arcade1up Ridge Racer cab too! I didn’t know it existed till I watched a review of that cabinet. Great video as always.


this should prove controversial lol

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nothing short of magic

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MSU1 support is awesome, I really love the LTTP rendition.

Interesting ranking. I won’t include metal slug 3D since I haven’t played it (nor do I want to) but I will include a slowdown-corrected Metal Slug 2 since every subsequent release of the game eliminated the bug including a turbo hack that works on original hardware. I rank them like this from weakest to best:

Metal Slug 4 = Metal Slug Advance
Metal Slug 7
Metal Slug XX
Metal Slug 1st Mission
Metal Slug 2nd Mission
Metal Slug 2 Original
Metal Slug 6
Metal Slug 5
Metal Slug 1 = Metal Slug 2 Turbo = Metal Slug X = Metal Slug 3.

Like you, I think those top 3-4 titles are all equal but excel in different ways. This may be a cop out, putting metal slug 2 in two different places, but it’s such a unique situation that it calls for it.

Pretty close to your rankings, but I definitely feel like Metal Slug Advance is weaker than the other handheld games in the series. I still like it though. That’s how cool Metal Slug is. Even the bad games are great.

And yea, it’s impossible to choose between those top games. They’re all amazing.

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yes the top is so interchangeable

the OG is still the best!

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Always wanted to play this at the arcades - while I’ve always said the game “needs” the GameCube analogue stick’s octo-gate, it’s so easy to forget that the original arcade title was controlled using a giant banana joystick, and that must change the feel of the game considerably.

Would have been cool if the expanded GameCube game included the arcade graphics and level routes as an option, similar to how F Zero GX rewarded master players with access to the “AX” cup.