WTS: Suteneko's "Junk" & Promotional Materials Clearance

Due to my current unstable housing situation I could do with reducing my collection a little and finally get around to selling my duplicates, promotional materials and stuff I just don’t really care about anymore.
I have a lot of items to list so this will get gradually updated.

I’m based in the UK (Midlands), but I am willing to post to anywhere in the world for RGB members. Prices do not include postage but I will only charge cost. Happy to take reasonable offers and discount for multiple purchases. Prices are in GBP and Paypal friends & family would be the preferable payment method.



Playstation 1:

Playstation 2:

PSP (Loose):

  • Bomberman £4
  • Tomb Raider Legend ~ £0.50 Reserved for Shinriji
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary ~ £0.50 Reserved for Shinriji

Sega Dreamcast:

Sega Master System:


  • BARCO CVM3637 14" Broadcast Monitors (3 available collection only) £50 each
    1x Monitor reserved for Matt
  • Retro Electronik Megadrive to Neo Geo Pad adapter £6





Anything I list as double sided has a different poster image on each side.
I am still deciding prices but let me know if you are interested and we can work something out!

The posters below were meant to be displayed in Japanese stores only and not for sale.

The posters below were meant to be displayed in UK stores only and not for sale.


More to be edited in over the next few days!

I’m interested in PSO (PC), House of the Dead, the pso doujinshi, and the Mega mags. We can discuss the details in Discord.

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I’m interested in Puzzle Bubble 2, RE CVX and HSF2. Sending PM.

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Replied to your PM Shinriji!

Also marked items as reserved that people have shown interest in.

Too late for me to be adding more items tonight, but more will follow.

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I’ll send a PM, I am up country soon for holiday and might be able to stop by.

1x BARCO CVM3637

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Thanks for the interest Matt!

You are welcome to test them out while you are here as well to ensure you are happy!

Where are you?

Will send you a PM with my address. One moment!

No need for exact address yet, just general so I can figure out if it’s easy for me to swing by.