DO THE MATH - The console/game slogan thread

Have you played Atari today? - simple and effective.

Why has nobody said “It’s thinking” yet?

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Also wanted to post this unforgettable slogan for this unforgettable game said by the unforgettable Jim Ross.

They really should have continued that N Sports brand.

We could still have been playing Ken Griffey, 1080, Excite Bike, wave Race sequels for many more years…

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Did we do the Play It Loud already? This was the most memorable of that ad campaign for me

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Who are you?


At least he’d be a tremendous upgrade over the current guy.


They had a massive version of that Mario Kart ad near the movie theatre here. It was awesome.

The commercial really stood out at the time, especially coming from Nintendo

It’s funny. That was ‘failure’ era Nintendo. GameCube was ‘kiddy’ and it was the start of Nintendo not even being mentioned (late night hosts talking about ‘kids on their Playstation or Xbox’). It was assumed the PSP would kill off Nintendo hardware for good and they’d become a Sega.

But looking back now, it’s quite creative and classy. I think Mario, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong and other Nintendo characters have now passed through the ‘passé’ and ‘kiddy’ phase and have circled back to timeless. Whereas ‘motocross gear guy in space’ looks very 2002 now.

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That style folded into the rebirth in 2006 too:

Wii would like to play

Looks like Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbing mount Everest for the first time.
At least that’s what I thought of.

Yeah. I hated that time in gaming when reading and commenting online. My kids and I had the time of our lives with Gamecube and Game Boy Advance and later Wii and Nintendo DS. It helped forge bonds that we will have for the rest of our lives.

All I kept hearing from people around me was how Nintendo was “Kiddy” and yet so many of the popular games on the other two machines were downright juvenile. It was the Sega phenomenon of the 16-bit era amped up to 11 and quite often disgusting.

The games weren’t any less exciting than all Nintendo output before it. People just decided to equate them with childhood. That was in spite of games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars making their first appearances in that era.

This really encapsulates the little bubble everyone had made for themselves at the time:

The ‘kiddy’ Nintendo thing always used to make me laugh because I remember someone telling me he had an N64 but didn’t get a GameCube because Luigi’s Mansion was apparently for kids - but he would have been a kid (or early teenager) at the time anyway. And the flagship GC launch title in the west was Rogue Leader anyway.


Wasn’t anything about being kiddy or not, I thought, and wanted, the psp to/was going to “win”. I liked it more of a device in nearly every regard until it came to the software. Time and Nintendo makes fools of us all.

“It’s fair to say that Nintendo stepped out of the technical race and went for a feature differentiation with the touch screen. But I fear that it won’t have a lasting impact beyond that of a gimmick”

Ten billion touch screen devices sold later… including touch pads on Sony’s next two gaming devices haha


Kids are the only people that don’t want games because they’re for kids.


Man, Phil was such a dick.

Seriously. I love kiddie games. They’re the best.