DO THE MATH - The console/game slogan thread

Like with products from most other commercial industries, video games and consoles have a long history of having slogans attached to them - from NES’ “Now you’re playing with power” to N64’s “Change the system” (they could have worked on this a little harder) to Xbox 360/One’s “Jump In.” These are meant to stick in your mind and set the tone with what you’re in for, should you buy the products in question.

Which one(s) are your favorite?

Mine are:

Atari Jaguar - “Do the Math” because it promotes mathematics and education


PlayStation 2 - “Live in Your World, Play In Ours” because I liked the integration of the PlayStation button symbols with the slogan


It’ll be interesting to see different slogans from different regions! Keep in mind that this thread is for game slogans too, not just consoles :slight_smile:

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Duke Nukem 3D!


“I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck!” - And then he actually does it when you beat the boss!

“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum.”

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I’m a maniac and have kept all my vintage advertisement/brochures, so have pretty all the Australian ones recorded. I have poor internet right now but here are a couple.

NES: World Number 1

(this one is probably my oldest, from before I even had a Nintendo or Sega as a very little kid I would get the brochures)

SNES: Now you’re playing with SUPER Power

Game Boy was originally ‘Power to Go’ but later became:

Then they got all edgy for a bit after Sega were pushing that angle

N64: There are no limits

Here was a cheeky one. The N64 was advertised clearly as the most powerful console.

So Sony just advertised with words that sounded similar but slightly qualified: The ‘Ultimate CD Games System’


Wait, Game Boy Pocket had a lifetime warranty?

Evidently in Australia.

Lifetime warranties really mean ‘Engineered well enough we’re pretty confident it will work fine for five years unless abused, and it’s unlikely anybody will ever try and get a repair after that’.

Interesting. You’ve got some great video game ephemera there. Nice to see that kind of stuff saved.


I liked this one as a kid. Sounds almost like get “in” or get out, and the N logo there is appropriate to illustrate the 3D capabilities of the hardware of the time.


How did I know this would be your thread

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ow, i need some bandages from all this edge (love duke nukem)

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That fucking red E.


Oh yeah, I forgot to post this:

“The Fun Machine” - Really sums up the N64 for me. With its focus on action, platformers, multiplayer and other types of games that are less focused on story, the N64 really is the fun machine to me. The Wii has a similar vibe going for it.

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I had no idea what that meant for quite awhile. :joy:

Can someone explain it to me? :sweat_smile:

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You are not ready.

U R NOT “red e”

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Wow that’s terrible and I love it :joy:


It was how they introduced PlayStation to the world.

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I’m just mad since it was something I remember seeing people writing in school before the Playstation with a different pen for the “red E” and asking them out loud “whats with the red e” and immediately regretting it. Like the person who got had by “pass me the buttfor/dickfor”.

Retro Joke Boards…Spell Icup.

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