MGS1 Intro - Unreal Engine

I want a HD Ramake of this game even more now.


The MGS series may well have my favorite voice acting in any game ever.

Until V. I can’t believe Kojima replaced Hater.


The voice acting is such rich 80s boiler style cheese lol. Straight riff on Rambo/Trautman.

Well I guess talky anime versions of Rambo/Trautman.

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I initially was ok with the voice change. Felt Sutherland was a good fit. But the end result was so flat.

V doesn’t exist in my MGS head canon. It was fun to play (at first), but MGS lives and dies by the story and in that arena V was so thin compared to the other mainline entries. Pair that with the exclusion of David Hayter and it just feels like a spinoff.

Still need to play this series. It’s probably the coolest looking video game series I’ve never played.

MGSV started kinda cool, but then it got so tedious and the stupid Skeletor main baddie was just laughable. Kojima going nuts on the script as usual. I gave up on the game after Part 1.

MGS1 is incredible, on eof PS1’s finest moments. MGS2 was cool for teenage me, but it hasn’t aged as well. 3 is cool, with it’s 60s vibes. Never played MGS4.

How have you not played this series? I must have beat the Japanese import of MGS1 6 times before I got the US version.

MGS1 came out the same year iirc as OoT and I can say without a doubt that MGS1 was infinitely more important to me as a gamer.

Not really sure why. It just never happened I suppose. I’ve always been meaning to play it though.

I think for me the NES, SNES, and PS1 formed my gaming tastes more than anything else. MGS1 hit when I was just getting to adulthood and saw how games could grow with me. Unfortunately, I turned my nose up to a lot of other games because I was in such a hurry to grow up I didn’t want to entertain the idea I still enjoyed platformers or 2D games (at the time).

Gotcha… I think I was just so floored with Nintendo’s output during those years on both the N64 and GBC that had to own those as my main platforms. I bought them using baby sitting money I earned from a neighbor so it took a very long time to save up.

I was in 6th grade when MGS came out so the presentation was actually a bit lost on me compared to something like Pokémon, which was definitely my obsession that year, and Ocarina of Time, which completely blew my mind in every sense.

I don’t remember when I first heard about MGS, but it’s always been one of those things that I intend to check out “someday”.

When I learned about the original Metal Gear games, though, I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to play those first many times over and have never been able to get into MG1. So my progress through the series kind of stalled. Maybe if I can downscale the PS3 version on MG1 into my PVM I’ll finally try it for the sheer novelty.

Nintendo lost me with the N64. Gone were all my JRPGs and action & arcade games that I enjoyed (Metroid, Mega Man X, TMNT, Street Fighter Series, ETC). That was not to say I didn’t care for Mario 64 or OoT. I think both were great but the N64 was really my Nintendo low point. I did enjoy more on the Cube but it too had a smaller library of games that I cared about vs XBOX and PS2. (its funny now that I think about it, I feel the exact same way about XBOX ONE as I did about the N64. How did my favorite company just shit the bed so hard and not give me those great experiences I had in past generations)

The GBA & DS kept me buying Nintendo products. Wii U was the first Nintendo home console i was satisfied with since the SNES.

I have gone back and found more games on the Cube and original Wii that I liked (mainly mario and known franchises) but nothing on Nintendo ever changed my perspective of what was possible like MGS1 did on the PS1…Twin Snakes perhaps :wink:

I could see that. The N64 library definitely pales in comparison to most other Nintendo systems. Even then, despite the incredible newness of the games, it felt very limited with such a slow trickle of games.

Isn’t that the rub though? When it’s a trickle of games that you are satisfied with, it doesn’t seem so bad. If it’s a trickle of stuff you aren’t interested in, it makes that console seem worse than it actually is at that moment.

Yes true.

I’ve only played MGS1. Played all the way though a couple of times - back in 98 or 99 and once about 7-8 years ago. That was supposed to be the start of a full series run (up through IV). But I never got to the others. I have the HD collection. Need to play it all… just so little time.

Really surprised how many people haven’t played the original MGS1. 98 was such a great year for games. It still blows my mind that two of my favorite games came out the same year.

1998: Half Life, Star Craft, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Xenogears, Banjo Kazooie, Brave Fencer Musashi, Baldur’s Gate…

It was fantastic to play when I revisited it a few years ago. Really holds up. Well worth anyone’s time. It’s a true classic.