New Evercade handheld announced

A new Evercade handheld has been announced!

I think it looks a lot nicer than the old model. Also, I must say the dedicated TATE mode is a great addition.

Technical specifications:

  • 4.3” IPS Screen (800×480)
  • Bonus content (TBA Sep 2022)
  • TATE Mode for vertical screen orientation
  • 1.5Ghz Processor
  • 4GB Built-in Memory
  • Stereo Speakers
  • USB-C Charging Port (cable included)
  • Built in WiFi for easy updates
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • 720p Mini HDMI Output for TV (cable not included)
  • 3000mA battery for 4-5 hours gaming
  • 192.7 mm ( 7.76″) x 78.5 mm ( 3.1″) x 20.7mm ( 0.8″)

There’s also a black limited edition that looks rather gorgeous, if you ask me:

Release date: Winter 2022


Does look lovely. If I wasn’t already drowning in games I won’t play this would be pretty high up on my agenda of purchases.

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Actually looks pretty good. Never got the previous one since I thought it didn’t look that premium. Was it fun to use?

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I don’t own an Evercade handheld myself, but the original version received mostly positive reviews. It’s indeed not a premium product by any means (its display is a bit poor, according to reviews), but it seems like the device was more than serviceable for the price.

Physical releases on carts?

I might be in…

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Here’s a list of all the cartridges that are already available:

The purple cartridges are arcade games, the red ones are console, home computer and indie games.

I might just get the Technos one for my collection even without the hardware…


Yeah, that Technos cartridge is pretty nice. I also dig the Toaplan one and the Gaelco collections.

I’m actually not much of an impulse buyer but I just thought “ah what the hell, why not” and pre-ordered the Limited Edition.

I might have to get this just for the Toaplan and Irem carts.

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Some interesting stuff licensed for the carts that I don’t think we’ve seen anywhere else - was honestly shocked to see the original arcade version of Phantasm/Avenging Spirit that I’ve always wanted to play. the Game Boy version was fantastic.

I was going to go for the limited edition but it’s sort of cheap looking - having the words “limited edition” under the screen bezel just doesn’t look nice to me - should have stuck that on the rear of the device in a more discrete manner.

Still disappointed that they have stuck with the Dreamcast/Xbox button layout though.


It has just been announced that the Evercade EXP will feature 18 built-in Capcom games!

1944 : The Loop Master
Bionic Commando
Captain Commando
Final Fight
Forgotten Worlds
Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
Legendary Wings
Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting

Mega Man
Mega Man 2

Mega Man X
Breath of Fire

The handheld’s release date has also been revealed: November 24th 2022.

Hands-on impressions of the Evercade EXP have been shared today:

Looks like Blaze has created a really solid handheld system!