Nintendo Gamecube |OT| Nintendo's Original Console on the Go

Killer 7
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Skies of Arcadia Legends
Custom Robo
Sega Soccer Slam
Beyond Good & Evil
Chibi Robo
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Mega Man Network Transmission
Twin Snakes
Puyo Pop Fever
Sonic Heroes
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Assault
Wario World
Wave Race Blue Storm (480i only)

Oh yeah. I forgot about some of those. Wave race looks so fantastic. I remember gamesack mocking that one. The N64 the announcer was always pumped for you but on the cube he seemed to talk smack.

I’m also thinking about getting a limited selection of GCN games. Right now it’s just a GBP machine

Same, I used my Wii for all things Wii and GCN. Also, since I letter bombed it, it was in effect, my GameCube everdrive. (which reminds me, I need to get a case for my action replay disc now that its going to get swapped out for actual game cube games.

I did get the WiiDual for my Wii and it will probably look as good as my GC but I wanted the WiiDual more for capture and ease of use if ever there was a chance to play some coop GC games I could hook it to my 4K in a pinch.

Timesplitters: Future Perfect has one of the best single player playthroughs of any first person shooter. Highly recommended if you don’t have it on Xbox. Also, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is another awesome playthrough.

Maybe I missed it above, but Kirby Air Ride is superb and completely uniqur as a Kirby game, a racing game, and just a game in general! Probably best with mulitplayer, but as a curiousity of the series, I think that’s totally worth getting.

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Smashing Drive :+1:

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Splinter Cell runs in 480p and supports the GBA link cable for a radar.

I know Metroid Prime, FF Chronicles, & 4 swords have some level of connectivity. I didn’t know about Splinter Cell… Are there any others I should know about?

Killer 7 is a game that deliberately avoids any reference to normal controls.

It would be equally awkward (deliberately) on any controller, as part of what is is a deconstruction of game controls.


There a few lots games that use it for map, but for example Wind Waker takes that astro further involving co-op play.

Biggest missed opportunity was Kururin Squash which had a piss poor matching mini game rather than any sort of GBA version of Kururin. :cry:

The more interesting uses I’ve seen are

  • money transfer and secret outfit unlocks (EA games)
  • mini game unlock (Rayman)
  • asymmetric gameplay (hello Wii U) in Pac-Man VS (a Minamoto/Nintendo game published by Namco)
  • downloadable versions (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
  • save game progress transfer (Mario Golf)

However the best use I know of is in PSO or Billy Hatcher which have GBA “mini” versions of

Here is a good list:–_Game_Boy_Advance_link_cable#Games

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Woah, I just read about Dakar 2 in that list. Very cool, unlocks the unreleased GBA version of the game!

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This is true, the controls can feel very abstracted, but to be fair, in a recent interview Suda51 it did still sound like they were designed for the GC controller first and foremost:

“Honestly (the controls) really came from the design of the GameCube controller. Searching with the left trigger and aiming with the right trigger. Just holding that controller, the kind of game it should be all came together.”


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Path of Radiance is the best Fire Emblem game. Get it!

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I miss cool control schemes like this. 3rd party devs used to really challenge themselves and the player to wrap their minds around unique control schemes all the time.

Now, I don’t know any other developer besides Nintendo who is willing to veer off the beaten path.

Me too. It’s somewhat saddening seeing how games which have idiosyncratic mechanics or controls can be received these days. WIth the battle for attention being fiercer than ever these days I guess developers can no longer expect players to want to put in the time to master new control schemes - probably why Mario Odyssey contains almost a thousand moons to ‘gamify’ learning what are complex controls and physics where Mario 64 did not need them.

You may be right. I wish we had an Iwata Asks (may he RIP) about Super Mario Odyssey more than any other game. The design decisions behind that game are interesting and I’d love to know more about the philosophy behind the moon placement and level design.

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No reason Nintendo can’t bring back those interviews with others asking the questions. Might lack the same charm but it would be better than nothing.

I’ve been playing a lot of old DS and Wii and this is the one thing that struck me about those days. There just so much imagination and 3DS sting on display. First feels dull in comparison.

There were lots of press interviews done at launch, so it’s out there, but sadly not in one Iwata-Asks-style page.

Looking for some advice/opinions on the choice of display for my Gamecube. I’m fortunate to have the original Nintendo component cables (luckiest retro game thing I ever stumbled into) so here are my options:

  1. 24" Sony CRT TV via component. This is what it’s currently hooked up to, but feeling like I’m missing out on good things without 480p.

  2. 50" Panasonic plasma via component. I’ve done this in the past and it seemed ok at the time, but input lag was a concern. Would adding an OSSC into the mix here address lag plus provide a good scanline effect?

For consoles like the PS2 the decision was much easier (stays on the CRT) but for Gamecube I’m kind of waffling back and forth.