No plans for “Virtual Console” on Switch


I haven’t finished either game but I enjoyed the hour or so I put into both. I think the N64 one is a hair better. The art style is so good. I wish I could get a physical cart but we don’t have a lot of import shops around town and I am skeptical of ebay purchases.

I think the big win here is that any of the publishers don’t need to make a special deal with the VC release schedule. We can get a Castlevania releases from Konami that includes Nes, Gen, Snes and PCE.


I have been saying this for months on GAF and ResetEra but some people just won’t listen. They can’t imagine that the future might look different from the past or present.


I actually bought two copies of S&P2!


Same hehe.


I’m totally fine with the way retro games are currently being released on switch. “virtual console” is just a name, retro games are alive and well on VC!


What have you been saying for months specifically?


Oh man, perfect timing…homebrew launcher has been released today for the switch for the latest firmware. It’s an unofficial build based on the atmosphere cfw, but it works.

Gave it a go earlier and although most of the emulators haven’t been updated for it yet, pfba works nicely and the retroarch guys are already working on updating the switch builds for the RCP exploit

Might start a switch homebrew/hacking thread tonight if people are interested? It’s without a doubt the easiest console I’ve ever homebrew’d, and unpatchable to boot.


That VC was dead.

My thoughts - it simply didn’t get ROI. Certainly my experience with casuals on the Wii was they downloaded MK64 or Mario World and stopped there. The mini consoles probably make more per dollar invested.

And yeah maybe third parties saw it as competition too.


Yes please.


That there would not be a VC as we once knew it coming to Switch. The classic mini hardware, the new wave of retro releases by publishers themselves, and mainly, just the lack of info from Nintendo all pointed to a pretty obvious sign to me. There was no way Nintendo was going to just one day say, “Here’s some classic games with a few more every week on the way from now on…”

They just moved on. Nintendo rarely keeps doing the same thing — even if that thing works. They always change just for the hell of it.


That’s how I feel about it now. There are all these classic games on the Switch eshop now despite there being no official Virtual Console. Let the publishers do their thing with their classic game catalogs while Nintendo does its thing with online enabled games and we effectively still get a VC library on Switch.


Me three. I’ve had a brand new switch sitting in the box since launch just waiting for homebrew


Is that a spare?


Mine is still boxed >_>

No it’s not a spare <_<

Just haven’t gotten around to opening it yet @_@


I don’t know how you guys resist. I raced home from work to play Zelda the moment my switch was delivered on launch day. It was one of the best console launch experiences I’ve ever had.


For someone that collects games and consoles I legit don’t have a massive “gaming drive.” I don’t game much at all. What really gets me hooked is multiplayer games. Usually 1-3 a gen that really sink their claws into me.

This gen it’s been primarily Diablo 3, and for a long time, Halo 5.

But yeah Diablo 3 has been the only game since maybe its launch that has made me want to “race home” to play it.


New consoles I usually open them up the minute I get home. When I was big in to PC gaming, I would open the game boxes in the stores parking lot, just to see what cool stuff was inside. I don’t know how you guys can just sit in this stuff lol


Well Socks’s console may be an extra or spare. As for me…I dunno…lol. I’ll open it up for sure one the MMX collections come out. I have a trip in June so it’s perfect.


it’s a spare. I grabbed 2 on launch day so I could get one with base FW but also because I wanted a second set of joycons, a second dock and a second power supply and if I bought all that separate it wouldn’t have cost much less!

Some of my most cherished gaming memories as a kid are opening the box and digging into the big PC game manual while my parents drove home. Even to this day when I’m grabbing a game with a manual I’ll open it up in the car and read through it!


That Switch was open before I left the parking lot with it on launch day. I played Zelda so damn much. Greatest game of the last five years IMO. Nintendo kept ‘em coming all year last year too. Switch is the NES of modern times IMO. Kids now will be talking about it with that kind of reverence in thirty years.