NESflix - Nintendo Switch Online

Some details about Nintendo’s plans for NES games with their online system dropped. 20 titles at launch, with titles being added each month. They are also releasing a 2 pack NES wireless controller set that you have to be a subscriber to order. Likely with the intention of putting off scalpers. Online multiplayer will be supported though it is not clear which titles support it.

I love the big boxart scans for the interface, though I’d like to know more about the feature set of both the emulator and the app itself. |

NA Launch Titles

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Donkey Kong™
  • Mario Bros.™
  • Super Mario Bros.™
  • Balloon Fight™
  • Ice Climber™
  • Dr. Mario™
  • The Legend of Zelda™
  • Super Mario Bros.™ 3
  • Double Dragon
  • River City Ransom
  • Ghosts’n Goblins™
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • Gradius
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Excitebike™
  • Yoshi™
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball

NA Monthly Schedule

I’ll get in on it for the controllers, but not really down with digital games on a Nintendo console that I can easily get in other ways till they show something positive about retaining them/that they have their online account system in a better place.

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It totally is NESflix.

Better selection of games coming than the ‘lol Ice Climbers’ negative Nancies were saying.

Will have to see the visual options.

I’m interested in this because they announced wireless NES controllers and because I’d like to play online against the people here on Retro Game Boards. Should make for some fun competition.

Can’t wait to school y’all in Ice Hockey.

I don’t need this but I want it :laughing:

That’s my feeling too. I imagine most of the people here have played the majority of these games by now. The online play for me is the biggest draw.

While it makes sense now to release NES controllers, won’t they start releasing games for other retro systems like SNES at some point? Then those controllers won’t be very usable with those games. I haven’t had time to check the new direct so don’t know any details, but that’s the first thing I thought of.

Definitely interested in this purely based on the fact that it has online and I’ll be paying for the service anyway.

The only issue is alot of these games are going to be very hard to play online with any sort of latency.

I’m sure it’s on their mind as well, and I would expect there to be a new snes controller on sale when/if snes games start coming on it.

I will say that a major thing I do like, as someone who went through a lot to get an extra NES classic controller, is them only selling them to people with the subscription service. If I understood that part correctly I mean.

I never really used my nes classic controllers or snes classic controllers like I thought I would. But I’m still in for this

What options are you hoping for on the emulator? I’d like options for scan lines, square vs nonscquare pixels, different pallet options, and the ability to have a lobby and/or search for random opponents.

I’m hoping for options on the emulation but not expecting too much. I think it’s a nice selection of games, although I haven’t been playing Splatoon 2 lately so I’m not sure I need online at the moment. I’ll probably just spring for the family plan, though.

N.E.S. Flix… I don’t get it

For the record I am an N.E.S. guy over NESS so typing that title hurt my soul, but it is too good of a pun to pass up.

A GGPO style system in the online would be the biggest thing for me. I know chances are very low but it would be a big deal if it had it, imo.

I never pronounce it NESS. It’s always N.E.S., Nintendo Entertainment System, “original Nintendo,” or Famicom.

Pronouncing it as “NESS” is uncouth and barbaric. So


Guess I never really thought about it but I don’t think I have ever pronounced it “ness” and always said each letter individually, but always write it NES without spacing or periods.

Also don’t think I have ever said “Nintendo Entertainment System” though.

Always pronounced it N.E.S as it’s an abreviation but then we called the super N.E.S the “SNEZ” :woozy_face:

Eurogamer via era, lol Nintendo

You’ll need to connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet every seven days to keep playing your NES games.

The Virtual Console-style catalogue of retro classics comes as part of Nintendo Switch’s upcoming online subscription. But you’ll need to remember to connect at least every week in order to guarantee access - even if your subscription is a long way from expiring.

If you have an online subscription you’re likely to be playing online regularly, although maybe you’re heading on holiday? Or maybe you only play on the bus without internet and are subscribing just to play retro games?

Nintendo’s method is different to how PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold titles work on PS4 and Xbox One. Both Sony and Microsoft let you play offline as long as you like if the games are downloaded to your “home” console.

And here’s another wrinkle. Nintendo will not keep your cloud save data if your online subscription runs out.

Meh… people will rightfully complain about it being less consumer friendly than competitors, but in real world terms, it won’t affect the way I use my system or subscribe to the service.

I anticipate there will be a lot of overly dramatic “Nintendo sucks” type responses on the internet. But a lot of it is just people loving to get mad about things and reveling in a mob mentality.

Nintendo sells bargain hardware and offers zero frills and sees its software offering as premium compared to the rest of the industry. It’s nothing new. And it’s nothing to get genuinely mad about.


I’m not mad about it; I don’t own a Switch. It somewhat reduces my desire to get one but at the same time I’d much rather play NES games on og hardware.