Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


This list is old but it should serve as a start:

Shikigami No Shiro 2 (Castle of Shikigami 2) (J)
Gunbird 2 (U, J, PAL)
Ikaruga (J)
Karous (J)
Psyvariar 2 (J)
Radirgy (J)
Trigger heart Exelica (J)
Trizeal (J)
Under Defeat (J)
Neo XYX (2/2013)
Ghost Blade (4/25/13)


I saw that list. Racket Boy? I only own Ikaruga that I can recall. I don’t think I ever bought Gunbird 2.


Just thinking out loud/rambling…

Now that I’m moving all my retro stuff into the living room, combining it with my HDTV/gaming setup, I’m contemplating selling my 20" BVM 20F1U. My place is small and pulling it out of the retro setup, I’m reminded of how absolutely massive it is for a slightly bigger screen than my 17" JVC, which itself has virtually identical picture quality to the BVM. I have 5 CRTs now: 4 in two rows of the metal shelving unit and a 5th (PVM 14L2) to the side, unused for a long time now. I like the little PVM, it has a nice picture distincit from the rest and wouldn’t mind bringing it back into the rotation and stashing the BVM in a corner until I figure out what to do with it. I think the BVM’s omission would also help my setup not look so insane while avoiding some spacing issues I’m expecting to run into when I put everything back in its new place.

Things have changed since I got all my CRTs too. A new TV with 14ms lag (huge improvement over the plasma TV), obtaining an OSSC, HD modded consoles, now the Super NT… all of these are opening up my mind to the idea of slimming down the CRT portion of my setup to not just the best/pristine models, but also the least intrusive units. I already made up my mind long ago that the BVM would be the last bulky 80lb+ CRT I obtain after hauling three of these monstrosities up and down several flights of stairs, struggling to find space for them and selling off two pretty cheap just to gain back some room and sanity.

It’ll hurt to get rid of it… which is why I’m overthinking this. The hours are low and the tube is new, everything is flawless (geometry, convergence, etc), the picture is bright, colorful and sharp. But it’s not the best for every game and has no multi-scan like the JVC… and the sheer bulk FFS! I think I’m mentally preparing myself to let it go, maybe sometime this year.


This is what I meant about tate mode via the OSSC:

That’s the Saturn in x3 scan mode set to 16:9 with a slight zoom via my TV’s settings (doesn’t add any lag). Obviously I can’t tate my current set though…but I’ve tried it with a smaller 32" and it works great!

if I had a larger place (next year hopefully), I’ll definitely wall mount a 42" or a 55" like my LG just for tate…


You’ll miss it less than you think.


Getting Rid of my BVM20F1U was easy mode. I replaced it with a 20L5 but honestly, I love my 17" JVC too. I was surprised how good it was and since it was my friend’s JVC I know he only used it for a few thousand hours if that.

I still want a 24" consumer TV and I am hoping to get a sony 300 series. Personally, I would love if I could get a 30 something in OLED screen that I can put on a swivel mount for tate and not tate and keep my 20L5 and 17 JVC for different consoles.

At the end of the day, I could lose every crt in my possession and I would be ok.

If it were up to me to bring back crt tech or make modern tech work better with old resolutions I would choose the latter. Retro gaming is a big part of my gaming but I am not going to stop looking forward to 4K gaming either. I just want the best possible picture for whatever I am playing (within my budget).


I was completely happy with never having a CRT again after getting my OSSC

but uh, finding a 2007 model, barely used JVC 1950cg for £20 was too good to miss. If it died on me, it’d suck - but it’s not going to stop me playing the games just as well via the OSSC or fpga alternatives


You’re probably all correct. The retro hobby has been moving fast huh. Some of us were hardcore CRT or bust a while back!

Sub 15ms OLED with variable refresh and low persistence is what I’m holding out for in terms of the next major upgrade in the future. I may not look back after that (okay, maybe keep 1 or 2 small CRTs around for specific uses like N64 or light gun games).


Some of us still are.


I’m certainly not leaving it all behind for good, not for a long time. The little PVM for NES, the “N64 JVC” and the HD JVC for GC/Wii are keepers. It’s only recently that the OSSC puts out an image that comes close to resembling 480p on the JVC ( line-doubled 480p, soft scanlines and the newish upsample2x).


Well I’ve no shame in being the vulture to pick that up if you do decide to sell. :3

To the ongoing conversation, it’s not CRT or bust with me, I just really like it. I also really like where scalers and converting devices are going as it paves the way to the future.


Yep. Having just set up my capture stuff and seeing something running on both screens at once, CRT still blows a modern display out of the water in a crazy way.


It’s that phosphor glow/trail and deep blacks

Galaga on a crt in a dark room is just a totally different experience to on an HDTV.


There is another tech called nano cell or something like that, that is on the horizon. OLED won’t be a thing I am looking forward to unless we can eliminate burn in or image retention.

Right now I am super excited to see Nvidia throw their hat into large display arena. Far too long have we got TVs that cater to movies and tv when I would say it doesn’t even make up 10% of what I use my screen for. If I never watched another TV show as long as I lived I would be ok. I still love movies and I do love serialized shows if they are well done but I just have a hard time committing my time to a TV show as it often disappoints.

With these displays I think the beginnings of the benefit of variable refresh rate, quick response time, and local dimming. Analogue could build the variable refresh into their consoles. Emulation software can do the same. I think it already has. With variable refresh we hopefully see better compatibility with SNES and NES but who knows.

Cryptomining actually has held my typical gaming back this gen. I usually quit playing consoles mid gen and just buy everything I can on PC. So I wonder how many people are going to be willing to spend top dollar on a 65" PC monitor. I think they would have been far better off going in the 39-49" range to start because you can actually use something that large as a comfortable pc monitor. So we shall see if this market strategy will work out. I really hope it does because gaming on tvs is always going to be held back in some regard for gamers, especially retro gamers.


It’s funny how the PC market seems to drag along the console and TV market, like an ambitious go-getter trying to run a sprint, with a ball and chain around it’s ankle.

When buying a monitor for PC gaming, it’s pretty much mainstay that you get something 120hz+, low response time, and variable refresh rate. Now we see ultrawides and 2k-4k becoming the norm. You could pick from almost any modern monitor and be happy with the response time.

In contrast, the console gaming market is still largely stuck @ 1080, with games that run at 30fps. The most current PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are a step in the right direction, but they are still years behind. If you buy a TV without knowing what you’re getting into, it’s a good possibility that you’re buying one that will be 50ms+ in “game mode”.

I’m an avid PC gamer, but I’m not one to knock anyone’s choice in platform. I actually wish the console market would catch up a little bit. with increased competition in the market, we would see greater strides in the technology that drives it. That could mean better TVs, better monitors, better GPUs etc.


Oh yes, cryptomining…

I got my gtx1070 from Amazon for £280 or so last year. Double that now.


There was a time that new consoles were, at least momentarily, competitive with PCs of the same year.

Even the Switch is quite competitive with current gen mobile hardware as far as I know. It’s really just the Wii, Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One that started this “trend” as of late where consoles are woefully underpowered the day they are released.

Xbox 360, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, etc… all of those were true powerhouses the year they each came out respectively.


It is really funny how sad that is that these systems can’t even do 60 fps. Buying a PS4 Pro only happened because my launch console sounded worse than 2 xbox 360s duct taped together. I really love a lot of Japanese games. Especially, Nintendo and the games that ended up on Sony platforms.

Some of my favorite genres on PC are genres that are dying, RTS, or I avoid because of life balance (mmos). Which leaves a lot of shooters which I have to say I am bored of as well as mobos which also have started wearing thin on me. At least now, some of my favorite Japanese designed games are appearing on PC and I was really surprised that Nier was ported over. But like dark souls, the port wasn’t ideal and you needed to use home brew tool to get the game to run properly. This tends to be the main issue with PC gaming for me. But at least I can get 1440p 144fps Maxed gaming on most of the games I do enjoy.

So true, my XBOX 360 replacement PC last gen was running on what i thought was dated hardware but was still playing multi platform PS4 games better than my PS4 until 2014-15.


To be fair, it’s not the hardware’s fault.


360 was good against a PC in the 1st few years…but then PC just blew it away and I got many multiplats on PC instead.