This thread is all about posting pics of games with scanlines and/or showing the pixel layout of various types of screens when playing standard def games.

Photos of actual CRTs in action, handheld extreme close ups, as well as images from upscalers and emulators are all welcome here. Here are some guideline rules so we can maximize our fun. If possible please:

  1. Label all screenshots with the game’s title (unless a title screen is visible or the game’s identity is otherwise obvious),

  2. Label whether you are posting a pic from a real CRT, upscaling device, handheld, or emulator.

  3. If it’s from an upscaling device, please provide the name of device. If it’s from an emulator, provide the name of the emulator and filter/setting applied.

So, why scanlines? Is it just about nostalgia?

Well no. Many people, myself included, believe that artists drew their pixel and polygonal artwork in 240p with scanlines in mind and never intended for it to look jagged via raw unfiltered upscaling on non-CRT technology. If you think about it, this makes sense because fixed-pixel HDTVs (e.g. plasma and LCD screens) didn’t become standard tech for consumer use in the living room until well after the 90s, far after these games were being enjoyed by their original fanbases when they were first released. The scanlines add dimension and texture to the image that was intended to be there and which goes away when simply viewing raw pixel art in HD without them. If you’ll take a look at the following, you’ll notice that the pixel art looks unnaturally jaggy in HD, and looks smooth when rendered with the scanlines of a proper 240p image:

Super Metroid on Wii VC at 1080p

Super Contra before and after HLSL:

Bonus Pic:

Post away!

RGB OT's Mega Thead

Requisite Streets of Rage 2 pics on my PVM 20M2MDU!


(not my photo)




I hope I can get a OSSC or Framemeister one day!




Donkey Kong Country - NA Super Nintendo - RGB in to Sony PVM1342Q



Casltevania 4 and Lightening Force via OSSC, on my KS8000. Line 3x and 5x, respectively.


The pedant in me needs to add that the scan lines are the actual pixel lines, not the black space in between. Which doesn’t have a name.

Having thinner scan lines (= more black space) allows for a better resolution of the round pixels, giving them an edge, and allowing for a prettier pixel art.


All true.


Unfortunately my pvm doesn’t have huge black space but it’s beautifull still compared to what I was used to


Kizuna Encounter, really bloomy Money Puzzle Exchange, Shock Troopers 2, and Aero Fighters 3 on MVS on my PVM 20M2MDU.


I love thin scanlines :slight_smile:


Here’s a one from my Genesis running through a Framemeister.

Thunder Force IV


I absolutely love this thread. Here’s some recent and not so recent love…

Sweet Home - RGB Modded AV Famicom via RGB cable to Framemeister

Valis 3 - Model 1 Sega Genesis via RGB cable to Framemeister

Panzer Dragoon - Model 2 Saturn via RGB cable to Framemeister

Hee hee hee…
Snatcher - Model 1 Genesis/Model 2 Sega CD combo via RGB cable to Framemeister


You’re not exactly making the wait any easier.

I was actually looking at buying Kizuna Encounter in the next day or so.


it’s very underrated!

I’d like to get Shock Troopers 1 eventually, that’s such a better game than 2nd Squad. That and Windjammers and I’m done.


I played a little bit of Kizuna back in… it would’ve been August 1999. It’s been a while. But I remember being kind of amazed by how fun it was. One of the system’s best-kept secrets.