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Just want to have easy reference for this:


So the Dreamcast HDMI mod will use a board that provides line doubling of 480p to 960p… which it puts into a 1080p window! Awwww yisss, mothafuckin integer perfection.


What’s the consensus on these insanely priced HDMI mCables? (

I only heard about this today. Reminds me of the marketing of Monster Cables BITD. These seem to have some sort of scaling/smoothing tech baked in. Does anyone have any experience with them? Has DF or MLIG tested them?


I haven’t used one personally. There is a large thread on ResetEra about them though.




It seems like some big retro YT channel tried this out, maybe Metal Jesus or possibly one of the more tech-focused channels like MLIG (maybe the PS2 episode?). It seems like it was a decent AA implementation but predictably resulted in a heavily blurred image. Not well suited to sharp 2D or 3D images. Maybe for old movies/video it’d be okay, but in any case the price makes it a no-go in my view.


For me, the price isn’t the issue. It’s the fact that you’re adding image processing on top of other image processing.

It’s also doing the same formula no matter the source resolution and no matter whether it’s being scaled by the console. That means if you have a 720p game, it’s applying the same formula to the graphics regardless of whether the console is outputting 720p natively or upscaling it to 1080p first.

It’s also applying AA even if you’re superscaling an image down to 1080p from a higher res frame buffer.

It’s far too much of a blunt instrument to be taken seriously in my opinion. It would be another story if it came with user-controls like a proper device. But it’s a cable. It should instead be a processor that sits between cables.

It’s such a boneheaded design. I understand the “set it and forget it” mentality. But those with such a mentality probably aren’t the people to be bothered by a little aliasing in the first place.

You can’t even turn off the smoothing. So for me, it’s a no-go. I shoudn’t have to swap cable every time I want to implement a post processing effect.


They work well of your setup is just so and you upscale from a low red to a high one. I use a 720p projector so they would do me no good at all


I’d rather there be a discrete HDMI device that can do nearest neighbor integer scaling with full aspect control. Then maybe also have post processing AA options with selectable ranges