Arcade Game/PCB Collecting: A Thread for Gamers With More Money Than Sense


Ah yeah, sorry about that D.Lo, forgot they have a post limit in order to see the marketplace! But thanks for linking that tomwhite!

There’s two ways you can power it, you can use a regular computer/laptop PSU (I believe RGB supplied them at one point, or he did, either way I’m sure he’d link you to a brand that would work) or you can do what I did and use an arcade PSU. The only thing is, you will have to modify a main’s cable if you go that route, but if you’re just planning on playing CPS2 games a regular PSU will work fine. I went with an arcade PSU as some (typically older) games require a little more juice to run them, and you can adjust the voltage depending on the PCB.


What kind of laptop PSU would work?

I certainly don’t see myself going beyond CPS2 and MVS for a while at least!


Cool, yeah, asking him direct is the way to go as honestly I don’t know which one he uses/recommends. He’ll point you in the right direction for one. :slight_smile:


I’ve asked, will see how we go.


Fuck me. I just bought an MV1fz Neo Geo board and five MVS carts for 250$. I guess i need a supergun right?