90's PC Gaming Appreciation Thread: Boot Disks to 3dfx Voodoo cards



Oh, the sibling love!


Desperate times called for desperate measures and I needed dat loot


Had my eye on an age of empires collector’s edition box that has all the games and their soundtracks but I missed it :frowning: Gutted.


I’ve been working on fixing my Win 98 machine so I can play Claw again.


Recently found my Full Throttle and Mechwarrior 2 game discs. Amazing games although I think the frame rate on MW2 had to be around 15 FPS for me. Back then I didn’t care.

I’d play a lot of Janes aircraft simulation games also, and just turn the detail down so it’d be slightly smoother.

My buddy had a lan setup in his house which blew my mind. Before internet gaming we had Duke 3D and Terminal Velocity matches on separate monitors, which just seemed so futuristic to me.


I didn’t care about the framerate on Mechwarrior 2. I ran that game at 640x480 and loved it. And Full Throttle is probably one of my favorite LucasArts adventure games.


I’ve almost completed building a dedicated Windows XP machine. I have a Dell Precision 470 set aside and have all the parts except the video card. Any thoughts on using a GTX 550TI?


I wish I still had just a few things from my childhood. Your mention of Tech Decks filled me with nostalgia. I loved those stupid trinkets.

Also, wow, you guys had your own PC’s and ethernet hard lines back then, really cool.


Is anyone aware of a list of which games change their sound based on the windows multimedia control panel midi settings?

I noticed this trying out Puyo Puyo 2 on my pc which sounded best with OPL3 midi, but like SimCity 2000 sounds best with MPU-401 out to my Dreamblaster.


Anyone else played/playing the modern remake of the 1999 PC game Outcast?

I’m loving it. At its core, it’s the same game but with an HD coat of paint. It’s not being received well critically because it’s clunky and doesn’t handhold players but if you enjoyed it then, it’s a nice new way to play.


I’m way late to replying to this but I still have my teck decks! I didn’t have much growing up but I was fortunate my dad belived computers would play a big role in the future and I’d say he was right!


Same here, we didn’t have much but years later I found out how much my dad spent on our Tandy 1000 and was ASTONISHED. It was like a $3000 computer in todays money. I was very fortunate.

Your dad was smart Socks.


I still want to play that remaster of Out of this World.

On that unrelated note, is Heretic 2 any good?


Heretic 2 is phenomenal and apparently will never find its way to GOG.com for some unknown reason. It has a really cool story and setting and the third-person action is awesome. A totally overlooked gem from that era.


Yes Heretic 2 is very good. I had trouble with the 3rd person controls for the first level, but after that no issues. I loved the Single player, went through multiple times and played a lot of multiplayer back in the day. Nothing is more satisfying than throwing huge meteors down a hallway at your opponents.


Things don’t sound good for the System Shock 1 remake.


Reading that sounds like Duke Nukem Forever syndrome. Feature creep, getting the best of them.


Is there ever a right time to back a kickstarter?


For gaming, no. Considering they’re almost all PC games, they end up on steam, and you can grab them cheaper once you see the reviews.


So my love for old DOS gaming was rekindled by hardware project rabbit hole I recently fell into. It started with an old Compaq Deskpro 2000 I had sitting on my shelf for years and years. I booted it up and discovered the CMOS battery was not only dead, but the stupid thing was soldered to the motherboard. Thankfully there was an “external battery” option I could use in order to avoid having to take out the soldering iron:

Yep, that’s 32MB of the finest EDO RAM next to the new battery.

Next I decided to swap out the mechanical hard drive with a Compact Flash / IDE adapter. I was a little worried about using a 16GB card, but thankfully I got the partitions all sorted out and everything booted fine. This god-tier upgrade not only makes backups and file transfers a piece of cake, the machine is now whisper quiet. So nice.

This PC had a built-in video adapter, but it seemed to make sense to swap in a classic Diamond Stealth 3D 2000:

And while I was at it, I needed to make sure the Roland SCC-1 MIDI card still works. Yep! This was a birthday present to me in 1993. Thanks mom!

There’s an SB16 hiding behind it, but it’s a crappy CT4170 with ISA “PnP” that’s been giving me grief. Probably going to replace it with something else eventually.

And here is the final work in all its glory:

The last tweak was underclocking the Pentium 120 down to 75MHz to help run the games a little better. Even then, moslo is still needed in most situations.