What early pc games do we know about with beautiful SVGA graphics?

I can remember when this was a new thing and many of the new games to take advantage of it has some of the most incredible hand drawn art that popped right at you. Dune was one of my first recollections, but there are quite a few I can hardly remember and the magazines that had all that necessary information are missing, so I’d like to see some suggestions.

What magazines? Try retromags.com

Little Big Adventure (Twinsen) was the one I remember as looking glorious.


Games as far back as 1992? I think Comanche, Gateway, Populous 2, Super VGA Puzzle, and Battle Chess Enhanced supported it.

Zero screenshots? :pleading_face:

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I was on my phone and lazy, now rectified.

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Maybe I’m mistaken about what you mean by SVGA support, but wouldn’t that term encompass any game that supported 800x600 and above? I mean, that would be pretty much every PC game made from about 1995 onward, and many earlier.

Sorry if I didn’t clarify enough, but when I talk about early graphics, I know the standard for this connection came in around 88 and from there we were given art in pc games in high color spec and usually in the 240p-480p range. Most of these are dos or win 95 era.

Many of them are point and click, puzzle or strategy based. Dune, Secret of Monkey Island, King’s Quest, Elvira, etc. There’s more out there I don’t even have the names of, but they don’t hold back on showcasing artist’s renderings and details.

The vibe I got was any game that would benefit by me running UniVESA (aka UniVBE, aka Scitech Display Doctor).