Super SD System 3 (hucard & CD everdrive!)

what the balls how did i not know about this

so i know a number of youse guys are on about the saturn & DC disc replacement SD kits - and i think they’re cool and important, as things break down over time. i just haven’t liked the distribution, the cost, the installation and such.

mind you, this suckers like $300 at stone age gamer…but the ability to just plug it in the expansion slot and boot right up, with in game menus to boot (god i hope they get save states one day)? that’s amazing, i wouldn’t even have to worry about the main system itself dying because i can just easily replace that.

as someone with a lovely Duo-R: i adore this thing, but the drive needed work after whatever doujindace did years ago. it’s solid now but going forward? it’s real tempting to sell that beauty, just get a TG-16 and this thing.

and here i was about to get a Turbo everdrive this black friday! really excited to read more about this thing


We’ve actually got a thread on it already over here but I bet it was burried!

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