An n-gage emulator now exists

Well specifically a Symbian emulator but it can run original n-gage games.

I honestly thought this was never going to happen. I have a soft spot for the phone as I had one for a few years until it stopped working due to it getting stuck in a boot loop which was fairly common.

People dump on it but there are a bunch of exclusive games on it (mixed with worse GBA ports) so it’s worth exploring.


That’s great news.I used to own a nokia 6630, and managed to get a few ngage games running on it back in the day since they’re basically just symbian apps. Had a great time with monkey ball.

I had (still have!) a QD, but it doesn’t bring back good memories. However I did miss out on some of the better exclusives like Pathway to Glory (from RedLynx who went on to do Trials), Glimmerati (from BugBear who did FlatOut), and System Rush, which I wanted but could never find at retail.

Otherwise I only remember really, really bad GBA ports, and a few high quality N-Gage specific versions of some games, IdeaWorks 3D and Gameloft turned in respectable versions of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Colin McRae 2005.

I wouldn’t mind trying Xanadu Next one day, but ScriptArts’ interpretation of the PC original looks quite…bad.

I rate Snakes (even if the n-gage 2.0 version is better), Tony Hawk and Ghost Recon (doubt this holds up).
At the time it was weird how beta or even fully never released games were just available on the internet.

I can’t get my QD I have in the shed to charge the battery last time I had an urge to play some n-gage, so an emulator coming out of nowhere is great for that once of year Tony Hawk itch.

I figured there was already an emulator like that but I never checked.

I like my QD and a bunch of its games although it helps that I never paid much for N-Gage stuff.

So does this mean I can finally play The Elderscrolls Shadowkey?

I had a phone that ran on Symbian. It had my most played phone game on it.
Sonic the Hedgehogg GOLF. - No idea if it was legit or what, but it was nutty fun. Also there was some strategy type transformers game you could play as well. I wonder if they wuold work? (not that I have access to the roms anymore though…